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    Any thoughts about availing of  34 -year-old goodwill of an Italian Legal Professional, a Citizen of the World ?

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      Hi there !

      I am Giuseppe Lorenzo Rosa , a 60 year-old Italian attorney, with a unique global experience and goodwill in International Business Law, an active member of the Milano (Italy) Bar for 34 years, as well as Leader of the American Bar Association, member of New York City Bar Association, The American Society of International Law, The European Society of International Law, and Supporting Member of The Italy America Chamber of Commerce for Texas (Houston, Tx) and the Italian Community and Culture Center (Houston, Tx ).


      Over years I have directed my personal life, interests and professional endeavours as a citizen of the world, and  truly proud of being an Italian national, one of the rare honest tax payers in my country, and a true Christian Catholic, and happy father - and only parent - of a 21-year-old only daughter, about to earn her Degree in Foreign Languages-Foreign Relations from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Brescia, Italy.


      From time to time to time I realize about a gap of information between independent legal professionals like myself  and businesses, communities, cities, younger generations, across countries and areas of the world.


      Attending top level seminars / meetings in several countries, including IV World Justice Forum, July 2013,  in The Hague, The Netherlands, I have come to sense that my interventions, thoughts, ideas, are welcome and appreciated, possibly because people, wherever they come from, feel genuiness, transparency, willingness to disseminate knowledge flowing from this humble Christian, and learned independent professional.


      Through my Firm's website www.glrosalaw.com you may wish to find some clues, to allow people interested  to benefit from guidance and practical knowledge.


      Feel free to reach out for Giuseppe at this Discussion Group or at glrosa@glrosalaw.com.






      Giuseppe Lorenzo Rosa, Esq.

      M.A Business Law