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    How to promote cycling?

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      How to best promote cycling as a urban transport alternative? Cycling, in large developing cities like São Paulo, for example, is a dangerous activity. Car drivers are not used to bikes in the streets and often do not take enough care to avoid accidents. How to promote conciliation? Is anyone aware of success stories in this regard?

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          Pretty interesting topic. I am a biker myself. I believe conciliation needs to come from both sides: drivers and bikers. My experience on a bike here in Washington D.C. metropolitan area is that bikers are rekless. This creates a bad reputation and animosity, and mot of the time is the biker the one who caused "the accident". A biker have to equally respect the traffic norms and behave well in traffic.


          Having said that, the authorities and the community need to come together to create a bike culture and friendlier environment. Among others, the examples I can provide are 1) Norway, where the country has implemented an optimal infrastructure for cycling; 2) France, which houses the largest public bike rental program worldwide, and 3) Colombia, which since long has promoted the use of bike as a tranpsotation mean. These three examples illustrate the combination of public will, investment, and proper public policy, in additon to an inclusive approach to decision making. We will beed to explore more on each case to draw the lessons learned that can be replicated.


          Another thought is that employers also need to be involved in order to facilitate showers, lockers, bike parking, etc. to encourage staff to commute by bike. I am lucky to have an employer that facilitates all these for the employees. I used my bike everyday (weather permits). It takes less time in traffic; and therefore, I arrived 30 minutes earlier to work, I gained greater appreciate for the city (landscape), I am saving money in gas/public transp., and most importantly, I am healthy.


          Effective advocacy campaigns are a good mean to get the message a cross.


          Have a safe ride!

          Maribel Cherres