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    Collateral for Women's micro-Insurance

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      OLah from  Guatemala the land of Eternal Springs

      and infernal mudslides.


      I work with an indigenous women's group.

      Our territory is six Mayan Districts and includes about ten cooperatives

      and more than 500 women.


      OXlajujbatz.org.gt has been given a $3,000 grant that we want to apply in some RED zones.


      The group has a micro credit fund. 

      Is there anyway to create a risk pool for the artisans using this structure?

      How could we leverage the grant to cover at least some insurance? 


      In the HFA readings it is clear that women are mostly shut out ..

      Insurance is pretty limited to crops and that is paid to the land holder -

      -- rarely do women benefit from these payouts as they do not usually hold titles to property


      I am writing with the hope that someone has a template or guidance on how to adapt our microcredit funds as leverage or specific guidelines for valuing the personal property of artisans.   The women wear heavily ornamented clothes, have finished work, looms and supplies at risk.

      Please advise, soonest.