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    Steps to green future.

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      There is a school of thought that argues that Thika road is an overdue project. Everyone in the world is calling for reducing smoke or carbon emissions while Kenya is busy constructing roads. Is it? Lest we  forget of the Chinese saying that a journey of a thousand mile begins with a single step. Simple maths. Calculate hours spent in traffic jam, motor vehicle engines running, heat and smoke emitted, one does not need a scientist to proof that carbon emissions are more in such a state compared to less time in traffic.

      Green Sun Cities took a tour, and the amazing super highway is shaping up so well as the project approaches its sunset. Long gone will be the memories of the four lane Thika road  as a nightmare for motorists,the notorious matatu drivers, passengers and the private cars. Cities workers, will live to tell to their children stories of horrific encounters with their human resources managers when they could not be on the road by 6:30am. Two hours in traffic was like visiting a dentist for every user of thika road. Click here to read more