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    Developing countries cities (and villages) and Transport development, jobs !!!

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      Dear All,


      I hope all this community members are doing well.


      As a development and from my observation, I would like to point some issues here. Perhaps those with funding would give new orientation and meaning to "Sustainable development", "Sustainability", "Eradicating hunger or Poverty" etc...


      It's true, everyone want to see his country emerged and developed. With good transport infrastructure, facilities... But one thing that I noticed and which is causing great damage in the development countries is the race to the achievement of the millennium Goal. Statistics!!!!!.


      For me, there is not need to invest billions developing roads or buy states public transport buses while you can't drive 50Kms outside the city in peace and on good read. The reality vary from one country to another.


      To cut it short, I think :


      - Developing countries government should consider all the cities of their country on the same level and willing to development the transport infrastructures

      - Develop and secure roads that interconnect cities and neighboring countries

      - This days road, goods and people security is key. This must be considered in the transports development strategies

      - Transport infrastructures (lighting, cleaning, security ...) building and maintenance should be done my local companies to allow job creations

      - Government's investment policy should be in favor of investors that innovate in the area.

      - Air transport should be encourage with special tax reduction in a country or the region.


      What is your option in your reality?