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    What are your views on a 'culture of violence' and what method could best reverse such a culture?

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      A culture of violence has been evident among some sectors in Jamaican society.  Features such as domestic violence, gang violence and intra and inter community violence have been frequently cited as the causes of injuries and homicides. What strategies could best help to minimize or perhaps eradicate this culture?

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          The St. James Parish Council has embarked on a Nite Out Programme in communities which has the highest crime statistics and has been reaping great benefits. There has been a drastic decrease in crime in these communities



          It simple.  Meet with communities and get the buy in from early to have coordinated entertainment activities in these areas with the full support of the Police and Community.


          Parties are street dances in areas that can be easily monitored that make citizens feel safe to step out of the shadows without fear.


          It is a far less expensive way of entertainment and facilitates commerce for residents who sell food, snacks, juice and other beverages.  However, the sound system DJs have to play non violent music because the message is peace, love, unity and togetherness.  The community of Granville, Montego Bay, Jamaica is leading the way and started the first one in May 2013.  It has been replicated across the Parish of St. James.


          We have seen a massive turn around and a great relationship now exists between the Police and Residents.  Everybody is playing their part in making our community safer.


          Am available to ellaborate more.  The change is real.