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    If we could make water where there is no water....what is the value

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      WE have taken great steps now to be able to Manufacture water using the waste heat from Diesel generators. This unique technique has the ability to double the relative humidity in most locations except very cold ones, and manufacture water from the atmosphere in places always thought impossible to do so. There are allot of people who claim to

      make water from air but none can double what nature provides and make that water free.


      This must be of particular interest to locations and countries that have little or bad water for people to drink. Islands like in Indonesia, areas of Africa and India. These areas have Diesel but still lack clean water.


      Usually the technique of making water costs enormous amounts of energy to do it. Our system can now boast to make that water practically free, and in area where the RH may be low at say 15% ..........we can now change that to 30% and still make water. the amount of water made is directly proportional to the size diesel generator available.


      I have been at this now for some 7 years, talked to the world Bank and to many interested persons .


      My question is who has a contact that we need to speak with that would be interested in such innovation.