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    Introduction - Power Africa Collaboration Opportunities

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      Hello I2RE Community,


      I have been connected with the I2RE community since April last year; however I have not introduced myself formally to you before.


      I am working for Tetra Tech as a Key Expert for Small Scale Renewable Project Development Advisor on the implementation of the USAID Power Africa Program, initially covering Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania.


      Small Scale RE projects would be ranged from 50 kW to 10 MW, including off-grid, mini-grid and hybridization initiatives.


      My role will be focused on unlock Power and Energy Access opportunities and transactions; and put projects to work, initially in those countries; building an annual energy portfolio of more than 50/100/150 MW. Main goal will be going “Beyond the Grid” and fulfilling the “Missing Development Goals”.


      I will appreciate to get in contact with other members of the I2RE community who are interested in working in this field and potential collaboration opportunities,


      I look forward to hearing from you,


      Best regards,


      Alejandro S CORE


      Small Scale Renewable Project Advisor


      Tetra Tech – Power Africa


      Email: Alejandro.Core@tetratech.com

      Office: (703) 387-2121

      Mob TT: (571) 208-5224

      Mob Other: (703) 4747-7614