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    Any members with experience/knowledge in fare policies of global cities' transit systems?

    daniel.kriske C4D Connoisseur

      Dear C4D Community,


      A few weeks ago I was corresponding with Pranab Nanda, who wishes to learn more about the fare policies of large, unified transit systems of global cites, especially those found in London, Seoul, Singapore, and Hong Kong.  Specifically, he is interested in fare setting mechanisms, and what the processes for determining the exact fare entail; the role smart fare cards such as London's "Oyster Card" play in system integration; and, in the case of unified metropolitan transport authorities such as Transport for London (TfL), how revenue is distributed or shared between the constituent transport agencies.


      If anyone has any relevant working experience in this matter, knowledge of the issues, or knows of any reputable contacts who might be better able to direct his query, please respond!


      Thanks and regards,

      Daniel Kriske

      Urban Transport CoP