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    G8 Social Impact Investment Taskforce Report

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      After one year of intensive consultation with over 200 global contributors from foundations, entrepreneurs, industry, government, private equity and the philanthropic sector, the G8 Social Impact Investment Taskforce has published its Final Report - along with national reports and recommendations from each of the member countries and the 4 working groups.  What are the implications for EMERGING MARKETS PRIVATE EQUITY (EMPE) - and the potential for attracting mainstream EMPE investors to embrace Impact Investing?  The recommendations mention in particular - clarifying FIDUCIARY responsibilities of trustees to allow consideration of social as well as financial returns on their investments (reminiscent of the Prudent Man Rule of 1978 that catalyzed venture capital in the US) and creation of an Impact Finance Facility to help attract early-stage capital, and exploration of Impact Funds to support small and medium-sized firms and those serving BOTTOM OF THE PYRAMID customers.  The Taskforce will focus in its 2nd year on driving the up-take and implementation of all its recommendations.  Should EMPEA - through its Impact Investing Council - get involved now?  I think so.


      For those who wish to read the highlights and/or the entire report - please go to this link:  http://socialimpactinvestment.org/about.php