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    Can you help us map top 10 open universities of #2030now

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      This is a young persons (and womens empowerment) game of consequences that can rock the planet.


      Personally I also know of it to stem from 6 generations of my family's dreams (generation 4 and 5 collided 43 years ago: my first job was at the UK national development project for computer assisted learning). So this search has shaped how family and peer networks listen to and action learn from anyone my father at The Economist and I have ever interviewed on futures that value next generation


      Nowhere I have tracked in 43 years of youth's ups and downs is NOW better (more diversely) able to mediate the transparency , accountability and collaboration of this game than the version of the world bank where

      • Jim Kim empowers youth and young professionals collaborate around the most urgent post 2015 goals.
      • and while the World Bank's Open Learning Campus searches out who values youth most amongst those designing elearning platforms such as Yazmi, Khan, MOOC


      Its very political asking who could be centrally linked in to the most pro-youth jobs creating game that educators and societies and families have ever played. For me it goes to the soul of how and why social value generates exponentially more growth than money chasing systems.  Personally some examples I might wish to see in Open Learning Campus inaugural top 10 are::


      Johannesburg (Blecher partners who include branson, mandela elders, google africa, maharishi, leading girls schools of empowerment ...)


      BRAC University (started about 17 years ago with the goal of sharing with the next generation everything the life's action learning of sir fazle abed has linked in - his valuation of global health luminaries appears similar to jim kims; his partners in crop science value chain redesigners are where I always search first on food, water and clean energy  security issues; his idea that village bank managers are responsible for livelihood training of poorest village parents networks marries with  BRAC's delivery of educational systems that have valued sir fazle as first WISE laureate and 20th Open Society Laureate)


      My father Norman Macrae's life (and rationally optimistic mindset 1 2  3) was most influenced by revolutions that started historically out of Glasgow and future-wise out of Tokyo so personally it would be a dream if universities from these places reached near to the top 10; the choice of which chinese university wants to join in may be the most critical of all and one I certainly dont have the ability to help mediate


      M3 BEYOND EMPIRES ? Little sister versus big brother

      There is a rumor that the Pope is choosing a Catholic university to openly redesign the most collaborative curriculum of empowering social good and sustainable governance. I will keep searching if that happens - Rome has arguably the most experience of rising and falling empires to share with cultures across 4 hemispheres but I am not qualified to judge how faiths interface with peace and sustainability of youth as technology's borderless world envelops us all. Let's hope this revolutionary change makes 7 billion beings happy and participants in whole truth. The majority of all Scots became a Diaspora worldwide network from the early 1700s. That's when an international banking scam collapsed our nation and place's intergenerational livelihoods as England made us one of their first colonies -a mixed blessing as any nation with inter-generational experience of British Empire will know. (Superports like Hong Kong and Singapore and Dubai ultimately did very well with infrastructure and trading networks enabling smooth transitioning out of B-Empire, large land massed nations as yet not so much)


      Anyhow enough of my searches- over to you : what university would you nominate as a top 10 open learning campus partner in ending poverty and co-creating millennials livelihoods- and what bookmarks do you suggest we click to see why you ask millennials value your nomination NOW?