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    How did 2000-2015 Friends of Muhammad Yunus Miss Opportunities to Collaborate around Poverty Museum Race?

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      How did 2000-2015 Friends of Muhammad Yunus Miss Opportunities to Collaborate around Poverty Museum Race?


      As you can see below, friends and I accidentally became a world class expert , explorer or failer at this.


      Failing, Exploring, Experiencing are 3 of the core dynamics of Entrepreneurial Revolution which my family first started studying both with readers of The Economist and students of elearning networks (UK National Development Project Computer Assisted Learning) in 1972 with the wish that the intergeneration handover of the internet to the millennial generation would develop best of all worlds for 7 billion beings not the worst.


      As any 5th grader who has been freed to SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, threat) market purposes knows - communications systems including what is mediated and what is taught can only exponentially compound one of 2 opposite impacts (endgames)

      • the Opportunities of humanity win out or
      • the Threats collapse systems which were far too big to sustain local diversity out of which nature builds all things great and small, let alone all things wise and wonderful


      In other words:

      when adam smith in 1758 first started quizzing the moral sentiments of free markets which in his day were built from community trust=flow up . would he have hoped that since 1984 freedoms (and #2030now) would have been built village up, or global walled streets and mad (tv advertising) avenues down? If you go back to the 1930s and read the last few pages of Keynes General Theory you will see the most interesting confession I have ever seen an adviser to (the great and the goods) system designs write. According to Keynes life work: Those professions most responsible for system design (economists and social mediators including educators) pose the greatest risk to the futures of youth and next generations because if their rules have faults or get behind a fast moving change curve (eg if they are not sustainable because their top-down spreadsheets extract or externalise) they trap next generations in bailing out errors their elders made. In the past, this caused wars and whole civilisations to fail separately, but what price peace if hyperconnecting technology means in the future all civilisations with socially win-win-win or lose-lose-lose.



      If peace-economics inquiry interests you, then do search something to read from your own culture in the 1930s- eg Einstein and Gandhi exchanged letters on the same sorts of systems challenge that gave Keynes sleepless nights. It was Einstein whose maths found out that whenever man's science ran out of room to innovate, please do model/map at a more micro level of dynamic relationships interaction than the experts had previously studied. It was Gandhi who in 1906 in his second home South Africa discovered the inconvenient truth that his profession (law as studied at the Bar of London) had rules designed into it that compounded loss of livelihoods of 99% of his peoples - whether these be his compatriots across the villages of India or the colored in South Africa. Due to the Scottish diaspora thing my great grandmother whose families helped build nursing and pharmacy networks in Mumbai nurtured a son Kenneth Kemp who as another Bar of London barrister (and chief justice of Mumbai) spent quarter of a century first jailing Gandhi and ultimately writing up the legalese of India's Independence with him and London. So believe in searching your family tree, And when it comes to governance challenges of accountability, transparency and collaboration beware: without goodwill to all women, rules scribed in stone are pretty scary to account for wherever generations confront change of an unprecedented kind, simultaneously worldwide. Innovation that is not anchored in open conflict resolution devalues humanity more than it ever creates freedoms or happiness.


      As you can see below from 2007-2013 I became either a world class expert or explorer or failure in this open learning game between 2007 and 2013. I still dont know which is which.Would you care to help me as we review the purposes of a few slides, and 7 wondrous webs of 21st c youth, and yunus alumni. My family's friends http://unacknowledgedgiant.com http://youthcreativelab.blogspot.com will edit in any goodwill news from youth summit collaborations at http://globalgrameen.com and http://grameenscotland.com because 310 years ago : an international banking scam caused scotand to fail, we were taken over as a colony by England, notes from my 3 times great grandfather show that english landlords were sent up to scotland with a taxation policy that valued sheep as quarterly more profitable than people. The consequence:  the Scots became one of the first majority diaspora nations- sailing the 7 seas to find livelihoods. I maybe wrong but I read every word of Adam Smith from that context; I also read the first 145 years of The Economist as a social action aiming to mediate that challenge. And I hope from 2018 The 175th anniversary of James Wilson founding The Economist to end hunger to again see that mediaton job popular wherever global views are transparently debated in severe contests of how leaders make the biggest decisions resources are put into locally and globally.Unless the world's 1000 largest organisations and networks are audited to sustain humanity's most loving and job-creating purposes, the poverty museum race will be an illusion. This isnt a reason to be anything but optimistic but it needs to be valued as a whole truth - in a way that few political systems (especially thise that spend 20% of taxes on arms) yet do however noisily they claim to be wise to the greek idea of democracy



      Here then is a quick review mainly of the failures friends  and family around Yunus and The Economist made from 2007. We would particularly love to hear from 2 groups of millennials or elder friends :


      those who also tried a collaboration project with a world top 10 end-poverty racer that hasnt yet got on an open society success exponential

      those who see how to change something we didnt do well enough to mobilise through youth's energies IF there can yet be a positive road back through the internet and grassroots womens networks partnering the core millennials goal of ending poverty.



      WBG TEDX





      online library of norman macrae--


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          HI strange formating quirk: in the version I programmed the right hand column was intended to include these videos of muhammad yunus and friends -it appears that this version of collaboration doesnt  directlty empower you tube videos

          yunus on bank london 2008

          yunus on health london 2008

          mooc yunus oxfiord 2013

          12 year old request for yunus at school

          The Economist boardroom remembrance celebration of entrepreneurial revolution studies since 1972

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              My father asked me to keep a learning diary particularly of mistakes he made since first meeting Muhammad Yunus at end of 2007 in Dhaka. Our idea was to try to listen to what help if any dr yunus and youth needed to linkin at least 10 capitals around the world where grameen (end-poverty and sustain job-creation) economics could become valued as much by youth as any other school of economics. One of the stimuli for this idea was expatriate circles of Bangladesh who had started forums in about 10 cities including sending a bangladesh villager student to host london's circe- one of the 4 cities my family has spent most of its life in. The expatriates formed what became the main new web of Muhammad Yunus in addition to previous ones with the grameen name. 21 months later all the work and club details formed on this map was wiped by a german partner of yunus who had a more short-term commercial youth-messaging idea for fundraising. instead of freeing open information.for youth to socially network trust around


              But back to the present new years eve 2007


              meeting 1 dhaka -yunus had sent an email on xmas eve - why has your family bought 1000 books on social business - do you want to come and tell me?- yunus welcomed idea of distributing books to youth in parallel to his book tour-however dad made a great error- when asked what was his one piece of advice about webs- he said since you are aiming to get millions visiting make signing up to newsletter as easy as possible- While dad stands by this advice , he failed to check the technology group around yunus implemented it (Dad and grandad both thought like old newspaper men in one sense - collect email permissions; once you have a large sample - find out what segmented correspondence contents subscribers want. eg by the time 100000 subscribers had been signed up make sure you have 20 different content editors (eg future of ending poverty with banking, health , agriculture, conflict resolution, education, open technolgy leapfrogging ... multipled by local dimensions .)  just like a newspaper would have but with at least one youth shadowing each corrspondent



              new york was first so yunus let also make this video in the collaboration cafe series first developed when dad was volunteer trust and social value editor of European Union knowledgeboard;  this first yunus cafe dialogue happened the january 2008 afternoon before his book hit the bestellers list (NY Barnes and Noble) where we recorded this 9 year old's question- janauary 2008 - with 1000+ new yorkers still apparently unaware of the subprime bubble - the mistke her was after yunus flew off to another city hundreds of people wanted to follow up what he said but unfortunately 99% of them were sponsored by big banks professors views of microcredit (and how to noise over the coming macroeconomic disaster of subprome) which were exactly the opposite of yunus model - so new york failed to gravitate a quorum of youth able to practice grameen economics


              before leaving new york our greatest expert on cross-cultures and religions spent an hour on the train to philadelphia debriefing yunus on why 30 different barnds of religion or national origin would each find one message of his to dislike - this was in answer to yunus question of how most youth have united to celebrate his book tour with gusto, but some of the most deep faith leaders had not


              so we booked up a summer project for students to go and make 10000 youtube dvd with yunus and all of his practice leaders in dhaka this would be meeting 7 with yunus - before that

              meeting 2 january new york,  meeting 3 4 london fenruary rac 40 decision makers and youth lucheon; 1500 citizen summits

              meeting 5 london yunus day british banking died

              meeting 6 paris - connecting danone communities youth and yunus wishes with london and dc


              meeting 7 -second vist to dhaka -- while this was made joyfully out of dhaka one stage of converting film to dvd slowed us down so we missed start of school yera 2008-2009 - see www.yunus10000.com for information we didnt quite free enough student union clubs to form round in time-


              after meeting 7 a microcreditsummut happened where our london-bangladeshi village partner was asked by youthy to start up search for 5000 yuyth ambassadirs whose mindsets were most similar to yunus


              this led to planning 2 birthday wish parties with yunus june 2009 and june 2010 -what happened after thiis will be a subject of a later post if it seems anyone is interested -however grandad also wanted to publish his last articles in a pamphlet with yunus - how consider bangladesh could prevent 2010s becoming a decade of lost generation trapped in subprime - meeting 8 and 9 were convened in glasgow to check out adam smith scolars views of this, and oxford to check out eg skoll foundation academics views of this


              discuss valuation video