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    Massive Open Online Collaboration -dreams of what MOOC could be with thanks to Sir Fazle Abed

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      I would like to discuss ideas, particularly those Sir Fazle Abed of BRAC  quizzed with me, about MOOC. While most people think MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course or Curriculum - in my first of 3 chats about elearning with sir fazle abed of brac he asked me: if the other 3 letters MOO stand for the unique value multipliers of  being in the net generation why isn't C for Collaboration. And why not global health MOOC rock the world as  first most exciting viral celebration of post 2015 millennials

      notes coming soon

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          here are some rough notes from our family's 43 years of journalising the biggest questions we could find about the internet as an open elearning revolution -special thanks since 1984 from New Zealand's Gordon Dryden www.thelearningweb.net whose best seller woke up 10 million chinese parents and whose 2010 update was contributed to the inaugural issue of the journal of social business

          .clic pic for free download



          As far as I am aware open learning partnerships in world record job creation  (aka Entrepreneurial Revolution) of the net generation started in 1972 from opposite hemispheres:


          BRAC out of Bangladesh

          The Economist out of London

          By 1978 these discussions had led George Soros to start bottom-up philanthropy out of South Africa and Bill Drayton to start debating Social Entrepreneurship out of Washington DC . Soros timeline of contributions are unacknowledged in many places::

          South Africa 1978

          (2014 update from belcher/mandela elder partbers in free university


          With Gorbachev Open Society from 1992 (Gorbachev partnered with Club of Rome in Nobel Peace laureate Summits from 2000)

          With Muhammad Yunus Mobile Phone partnerships with villages poorest mothers  from 1996

          From 2008 radical remapping of economics from ground up ineteconomics.org

          20th open society celebrations with sir fazle abed and paul farmer Budapest Central European University 2012


          Here is a shortlist questions on open learning jobs creation which might be worth asking. We have been privili=eged to iterate these questions with Sir Fazle Abed whom the global education laureates summit WISE voted as their inaugural laureate


          A) Which topics most need revolution new millennial understanding if #2030 now goals are to be achieved by united millennials

          B) Who would you most like to MOOC with to end Poverty? NB explore interpretations of the acronym and every sort of action learning not just videos that could be linkedin

          C) What platforms does the internet linkin to (e)learning.

          D) How can this change education (the community win-win-wins between parents, teachers, and students) in every way that empowers youth job creation and worldwide sustainability

          E) What else? eg when mit media lad hosted a celebration of convergence entrepreneurs the head of sloan management's entrepreneurship curriculum applauded Nigeria's Flying Doctor's founder most not just for her most caring of innovations but for introducing the first follower video to professors who had never valued that diffusion dynamic before (and thats in MIT probably the most open source of all alumni networks of 21st C usa edu)


          A) Let's assume that global health is a topic of interest to anyone spending time in this collaboration space A1) What other practices does this converge with - eg just as Steve Jobs biographer value his convergence of 7 types of market- Bangladeshi microcredit began in pre-digital days with networks of disaster relief, health, safety, jobs training and finance. What its further  integrated in post-digital era since 1996 probably needs the social modeling idea of leapfrogging (10 times more value paradigms like cashless bank-a-billion previously unbanked, or solar energy for billion-previously off-grid ,,,)


          B) At overall level - who would you most like to MOOC with -Kim? Farmer? Porter? Sir fazle Abed? Larry Brilliant?

          In terms of specific disease solutions who would you like to MOOC with ...



          5 billion person esatellite Yazmi,com


          Yazmi could be the best news in 44 years of celebrating every way that elearning media can be the opposite of mass tv



          Khan academy always on-demand and per to peer learning competitions


          Apps that mobilise big data for access by smallest enterprises (see kim and jack ma discussion on this) -see eg telemedicine collaborations of community broadband- in usa these are led out of arkansas; please name other places around the world where such telemedicine partnerships are being celebrated with massive access to patients who were previously furthest from care centres

          Opposite segments of partnerships in MOOC -footnoted is an early menu from world bank's open learning campus see end game of training as job/livelihood empowerment not a certificate as such. They see the scaling opportunity of MOOC as connecting eg khan academy type coverage of youth summits and celebrating massive youth entrepreneurship competitions as valid half-term exercises (in those MOOCS where a live timeline is used to recursively improve the whole practice of learning)


          D) is a question we'd prefer to issue a particular challenge around -suppose health was regarded as a literacy at every grade and through ever public broadcaster- can you imagine empowering girls to be community's most trusted linkers in of health, nutrition, clean energy and other local flows of sustainability. Call such an overarching shift revolution in education "Nearly Free Nursing College" - how many hundreds of milllions of jobs would such empowerment link in as girls were celebrated as heroines in ending poverty



          we need help in improving this survey linked to one idea that 43 years of tracking has made evr more transparent- sustainability of the net generation depends on whether the internet is designed to be the smartest open education media in ever way the opposite to which television advertising was the most dumbing down and addictive media man ever designed


          Danny Boyle- 200/1 leaders of 2010s -youth's most productive generation

          FREEMARKET Role - Freedom to co-produce futures peoples wants




          october 2014 jottings:

          notes from USAID's 3rd annual meducation fair

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          The Open Learning Campus provides convenient and reliable access to the latest developments in topics, which address complex, real-world issues in priority areas such as governance, health, cities, climate change and public private partnerships.

          1VideoBuilding Open Data EcosystemSpeakers from Africa and the Caribbean will share their experiences on how to address the widening gap between the public and private sectors in their effective use of technology and design, by focusing on building civic technology capacity within civil s10/23/14FreeView In iTunes
          2VideoToolKit for City Service DevelopmentCitySDK (ToolKit for City Service Development) started as a pan-European project that aimed at creating open interoperable interfaces between cities in 8 major cities in Europe. The toolkit now consists of open and interoperable digital service interfaces9/24/14FreeView In iTunes
          3VideoRTI Implementation: Requests and AppealsRight to information (RTI) systems are practical components of government administration that reflect commitment to the principle of transparency. An RTI system aims to increase the transparency of government by providing regular and reliable information9/10/14FreeView In iTunes
          4VideoDebt Financing Support to PPPs in India – Policy and InstrumentsIndia has provided support to public-private partnerships in infrastructure through a variety of instruments, frameworks and institutions, prominent among these being the Viability Gap Financing (VGF) scheme, the India Infrastructure Finance Company Limit9/5/14FreeView In iTunes
          5VideoPublic-Private Partnerships in Grain StorageThis webinar on PPP in Grain Storage will discuss the general trends in PPP in Grain Storage globally with focus on cases from a few countries where PPP projects are being developed or implemented. In addition, the Punjab Silo Project will be discussed in9/5/14FreeView In iTunes
          6VideoCrowd Sourcing Citizens InputsThis webinar will share experiences of the community mapping efforts in Dar es Salaam. Speakers will discuss how citizens can use low cost technology to create new opportunities for accountability, enable data-driven government policy making and create a8/27/14FreeView In iTunes
          7VideoCo-creating with Citizens: Open Data and Challenges for Mobile AppsSpeakers from Buenos Aires and Barcelona will discuss how opening city data can re-frame government structure, empower citizens and facilitate development of cost-saving solutions to service delivery; what are the roles of government, CSOs, the media and7/23/14FreeView In iTunes
          8VideoDisclosure of Project and Contract Information in PPPsThis webinar presents a review of current practices on the disclosure of information on PPP projects and contracts, and discusses the desired features of a framework for proactive disclosure in PPPs. Many countries have been trying to implement freedom-of7/15/14FreeView In iTunes
          9VideoLearning from the Vietnam Urban Upgrading ProgramNational urban upgrading in Vietnam evolved as a result of economic and political reforms and locally driven experiences. Rapid economic growth following the 1986 Doi Moi reforms was followed by rapid urbanization. In 1990, Vietnam’s urban population wa7/8/14FreeView In iTunes
          10VideoUniversal Health Coverage and the Challenge of Informal Employment: Lessons from Developing CountriesThe presentation will review existing approaches and available policy options to improve access to health care services and financial protection against health shocks for informal-sector workers (ISWs). Findings from some country cases based on published7/7/14FreeView In iTunes
          11VideoImproving City Management through Data and AnalyticsThis webinar will showcase examples of how city governments leverage data and analytics to more efficiently deliver services, engage citizens and inform public policy. It will discuss implications to open data and innovation, citizen engagement, and accou7/7/14FreeView In iTunes
          12VideoBuilding a holistic NAMA MRV on a CDM Standardized BaselineThe webinar will provide an overview of how default emission factors developed as part of a standardized baseline can build the foundation of an easy-to-apply MRV framework using only the information on the area over which the NAMA intervention has taken6/18/14FreeView In iTunes
          13VideoLa Base de Datos de Salud Global y Derechos HumanosLa Base de Datos de Salud Global y Derechos Humanos ("Global Health and Human Rights Database" en inglés) es una base de datos de leyes de alrededor del mundo en materia de salud y derechos humanos. Con la colaboración de una red mundial de socios--incl6/17/14FreeView In iTunes
          14VideoGlobal Health and Human Rights DatabaseThe Global Health and Human Rights Database is a free online database of law from around the world relating to health and human rights. With the collaboration of a worldwide network of partners—including NGOs, academics and private researchers—the dat6/17/14FreeView In iTunes
          15VideoLecciones de las intervenciones del nivel Nacional en vivienda social y mejoramiento Integral de Barrios en ColombiaLas políticas nacionales de vivienda asequible y mejoramiento integral de barrios en Colombia están construidas sobre el éxito de las experiencias locales para la pobreza urbana, especialmente aquellas de Medellín y Bogotá. El enfoque comprehensivo d6/3/14FreeView In iTunes
          16VideoIntroduction to Smart CitiesThis webinar will introduce the concept, framework, and key components of a smart city strategy. It will demonstrate through practical examples the pros and cons of two main approaches to smart cities - top-down approach and bottom-up approach. It will al5/29/14FreeView In iTunes
          17VideoAção de planejamento e gestão sistêmicos com foco na saudeEsta ação é uma iniciativa que visa reduzir a judicialização da saúde através de diálogo entre os diversos atores dos Sistemas de Justiça e de Saúde, com a instituição de comitês locais. A aplicação desta experiência resultou uma redução5/22/14FreeView In iTunes
          18VideoIncubating Innovation for Rural Off-Grid Electrification: Presenting the Telecom-Energy InitiativeEnergy access is a key enhancing factor of poverty alleviation in most of the developing world. Extending grid infrastructure in rural areas is particularly difficult due to financial, commercial, regulatory as well as geographical constraints. This webin5/15/14FreeView In iTunes
          19VideoCarbon tax – How can a tax shift support low emission development while building public acceptance?There is a growing base of evidence that a carbon tax, if well designed, can be a cost-effective way to reduce GHG emissions and promote low emission development. While more and more countries are pursuing such tax shifts (with other taxes being lowered),5/15/14FreeView In iTunes
          20VideoExternal Assistance for Urban Finance DevelopmentThis webinar assesses the overall rapidly growing financing needs of cities in developing countries and demonstrates that external finance, and in particular international aid, has stagnated at relatively low levels, and moreover has been highly concentra5/15/14FreeView In iTunes
          21VideoIndia's National Policies to Scale up Slum UpgradingThis webinar will present India’s unique experience in scaling up slum upgrading and affordable housing from projects to national programs and policies in the past decade. Today, India is a major global economic player in world with rapid economic and p5/14/14FreeView In iTunes
          22VideoIntroduction to Principles and Guidelines for Better Governance in HospitalsThe healthcare sector faces major challenges resulting in inefficiencies and ineffective delivery of quality healthcare. . This is manifested in the dissatisfaction of many stakeholders, especially patients. Dissatisfaction among stakeholders in hospital5/13/14FreeView In iTunes
          23VideoUnderstanding the FCPF Carbon Fund’s Methodological Frmwrkn December 2013, the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) Carbon Fund's Methodological Framework was approved by Carbon Fund Participants. It will guide the development of large-scale REDD+ programs aimed to protect tropical forests and enhance the l5/8/14FreeView In iTunes
          24VideoGovernment Support to PPPsGovernments have supported PPPs through a variety of instruments such as equity, debt, grants, guarantees, and contractual clauses pertaining to risk allocation. Many of these instruments have been used frequently or even consistently in PPPs in developin5/6/14FreeView In iTunes
          25VideoWorld Development Report 2015: Mente y CulturaEl Informe sobre el Desarrollo Mundial 2015 se basa en tres ideas principales: la racionalidad acotada, que limita la capacidad de los individuos de procesar información y los lleva a utilizar reglas intuitivas; interdependencia social, que lleva a las p4/16/14FreeView In iTunes
          26VideoPPP Contract Management: Experiences in Latin AmericaSince PPP programs in Latin America began twenty years ago, the selection and structuring of PPP projects have improved substantially. However, contract management (monitoring of contractual obligations, renegotiation, dispute resolution, and contract ter4/16/14FreeView In iTunes
          27VideoPublic Bus Service ModernizationFundamental changes are taking place in how mobility issues are viewed in developing cities. Increasing income, changing city size and structure, and changing behavioral patterns have all contributed to that change in thinking. Given this trend, a new par4/14/14FreeView In iTunes
          28VideoEl proceso de judicialización de la salud en ChileEl sistema de salud chileno es un sistema mixto, y ha enfrentado procesos de judicialización principalmente en materia de los seguros privados de salud, a partir de la reforma al sistema del año 2005. Las acciones judiciales han aumentado progresivament4/14/14FreeView In iTunes
          29VideoRural-Urban Dynamics and the Millennium Development GoalsAbstract: Urbanization matters for the MDGs in at least a couple of ways: the benefits of agglomeration, as cities have the potential to generate higher living standards for all their residents (not just migrants), and (ii) the benefits of scale econo4/14/14FreeView In iTunes
          30VideoEngaging the Private Sector in Fast Start NAMAsThe understanding of the NAMA concept is still evolving and there is as of to date relatively little on the ground experience with turning the concept into concrete actions. NAMAs are well suited as holistic programmes but their success will be strongly i4/9/14FreeView In iTunes
          31VideoFinancing Slum Upgrading: Lessons from ExperienceThe successful growth of Cities and Metropolitan areas is closely linked to addressing the issue of slums. First is the need to integrate present-day slums into the urban fabric by ensuring economic, physical, environmental and social connectivity with th4/8/14FreeView In iTunes
          32VideoGoverning & Financing Metropolitan Areas in the Developing WorldThe Lincoln Institute of Land Policy publication Financing Metropolitan Governments in Developing Countries (Bahl, Linn and Wetzel, editors 2013) provides a unique entry point to engage cities who are addressing the complex task of financing infrastructur4/8/14FreeView In iTunes
          33VideoMetropolitan Cities in the National Fiscal and Institutional StructureThe Webinar will address the important yet neglected issue of how urban public finance in developing counties are situated in the broader national fiscal, institutional and political framework. The details and dynamics of this framework affect the ability4/7/14FreeView In iTunes
          34VideoSupply Chain and the Global Trading SystemThe revolution in manufacturing – increasingly known as ‘global value chains‘ – has changed the world of trade policy as much as it has changed the global industrial landscape. This webinar discusses new research suggesting that border management4/7/14FreeView In iTunes
          35VideoGrant Financing of Metropolitan Areas: Principles and PracticesIn the new information age in the globalized and interconnected world, metropolitan areas hold the key to the future prosperity and growth of nations. This presentation takes a closer look at grant-financing regimes faced by metropolitan areas and their r4/7/14FreeView In iTunes
          36VideoMetropolitan Public Finance: The Case of MumbaiThe presentation begins by providing a backdrop of the status and nature of urbanization in India. It then underlines the unique position of the Mumbai region as an economic and financial powerhouse in Maharashtra’s and India’s economy. In particular4/4/14FreeView In iTunes
          37VideoLeçons du programme “Villes sans Bidonvilles” au MarocCe webinaire présentera l'expérience du Maroc en matière de politique nationale de résorption des quartiers précaires. L'urbanisation rapide du Maroc depuis l'indépendance en 1956 a contribuéàla croissance des établissements informels. La populat4/4/14FreeView In iTunes
          38VideoLessons from the “Cities Without Slums” Program in MoroccoThis webinar will present Morocco’s experience in scaling up slum upgrading and affordable housing from projects to national programs in the new millennium. Morocco’s rapid urbanization since independence in 1956 has met with insufficient employment a4/4/14FreeView In iTunes
          39VideoLa gestión de contratos APP: Algunas lecciones aprendidas de los APP de LatinoaméricaEl programa APP en Latinoamérica se inició hace 20 años. La selección y estructuración de los proyectos APP han mejorado sustancialmente, sin embargo, la gestión de los contratos (supervisión de obligaciones contractuales, renegociaciones, solució4/4/14FreeView In iTunes
          40VideoMetropolitan Governance and Finance in Sao PauloWith a population of 11.2 million residents, Sao Paulo is the largest City in Brazil, the largest city in the Southern Hemisphere and the world's seventh largest city by population. The presentation will provide a sketch of Sao Paulo Metropolitan Region's4/4/14FreeView In iTunes
          41VideoFiscal Management of PPP Commitments and PPP RisksAny proper institutional framework for designing and implementing PPP projects requires some kind of arrangements for managing their fiscal consequences. It is not simply a matter of fiscal responsibility, but also a matter of credible commitment by the g4/4/14FreeView In iTunes
          42VideoWorld Development Report 2015 - Mind & CultureThe World Development Report 2015 is based on three main ideas: bounded rationality, which limit individuals’ ability to process information and lead them to rely on rules of thumb; social interdependence, which leads people to care about other people a4/3/14FreeView In iTunes
          43VideoImproving Health Service Delivery in Uganda: A Multistakeholder ApproachAs several nations race to attain Universal HealthCoverage and the Millennium Development Goals related to health, stakeholders have begun exploring innovative ways of accelerating improvements in healthcare service delivery. One of those countries is Uga4/3/14FreeView In iTunes
          44VideoDerecho a la Salud en PerúEl gobierno del Perú ha tomado la decisión de implementar un conjunto de medidas que tienen como objetivo alcanzar la cobertura universal en salud de manera que, progresivamente, toda la población se encuentre protegida, con servicios e intervenciones4/3/14FreeView In iTunes
          45VideoMaking Property Tax Work in Metropolitan CitiesThis presentation is designed to give an overview of some of the issues around the use of land and property taxes by metro cities in the developing world. It is clear from the research undertaken by McCluskey and Franzsen that the use of land and property4/3/14FreeView In iTunes
          46VideoMetropolitan Infrastructure and Capital FinanceThis webinar presentation is based on a study by Gregory K. Ingram, Zhi Liu, and Karin Brandt (2013), “Metropolitan Infrastructure and Capital Finance,” which is published in Roy W. Bahl, Johannes F. Linn, and Deborah L. Wetzel (ed.), Financing Metrop3/25/14FreeView In iTunes
          47VideoPanorama de la Judicialización del Derecho a la Protección de la Salud en MéxicoEn México desde 1983 el derecho a la protección de la salud es un derecho constitucional, pero es hasta la reforma en materia de derechos humanos de 2011, en que empieza a haber instrumentos más efectivos para su judicialización. México ha avanzado3/24/14FreeView In iTunes
          48VideoMetropolitan Public Finance: An OverviewLarge metropolitan cities differ from other cities. Metropolitan public finance is also different because such cities spend more and differently than other cities and usually raise more of the revenue that they spend. Cities, like the governance structure3/13/14FreeView In iTunes
          49VideoMeasuring, Reporting&VerificationThe important role in the on-going climate negotiations, especially in the context of new instruments like NAMAs. The goal of MRV systems is to develop a framework for evaluation that is consistent, systematic and transparent. While emission reductions c2/5/14FreeView In iTunes
          50VideoLocal Non-Property RevenuesEffective fiscal decentralization requires meaningful levels of revenue autonomy at the sub-national level. This webinar will focus on the current theory and practice of tax assignments to subnational governments. Examples of best practice of tax assignme1/14/14FreeView In iTunes
          51VideoStrategic Planning for Climate-Smart Agriculture: How Can We Assess Synergies and Trade-Offs?Synergies and trade-offs are inherent in the attempt to achieve the triple wins of food security, increased resilience and mitigation to climate change. This webinar helps to develop a better understanding of economic and social synergies and trade-offs b1/10/14FreeView In iTunes
          52VideoRethinking the Role of the State in FInanceThe global financial crisis has challenged conventional thinking on financial sector policies. It has re-opened a fundamental question: what should be the role of the state, as owner, regulator, overseer, and promoter, in financial development? The World1/10/14FreeView In iTunes
          53VideoReflection on the Doha Gateway and the way forwardClimate Change action practitioners from around the world eagerly await each year the outcomes from the Conference of the Parties (COP) meetings. From November 26 to December 7, 2012, COP-18 took place in Doha, Qatar. What are the key outcomes? Which inst1/6/14FreeView In iTunes
          54VideoLessons Learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake and TsunamiLearning from Megadisasters is a knowledge-sharing project that aims to encourage countries to mainstream disaster risk management (DRM) in their development policies and planning. The project intends to achieve this through sharing Japan’s knowledge on1/6/14FreeView In iTunes
          55VideoInnovation and Sustainability in a Historic City: The Cambridge Casennovation is one of the key drivers of economic growth and urban transformation. Since the 1970s, the ancient university city of Cambridge in East Anglia has been a European pioneer in technology enterprise and has been emulated in many other places seeki1/3/14FreeView In iTunes
          56VideoInnovation Policies to Support low Emission developmentMeeting climate change goals requires significant efforts to diffuse existing technologies and to develop and deploy new ones. Public and private investment need to be ramped up by a combination of “technology-push” and “market-pull” policies. Dif1/3/14FreeView In iTunes
          57VideoLessons from Brazil Scaling Up Slum Upgrading and Prevention through National Policies and ProgramThe launch of a national slum upgrading and affordable housing program in Brazil under the Acceleration Growth Program (PAC) enabled upgrading of slums and production of social housing to reach scale in the country. This was made possible by the implement1/3/14FreeView In iTunes
          58VideoRight to Health: Litigation in BrazilIn the past two decades Brazil has experienced a surge in right to health litigation, with thousands of claims reaching the courts every year demanding the enforcement of the right to health against the state. At first sight, this might be interpreted as1/3/14FreeView In iTunes
          59VideoInnovative Approaches to Promoting Urban Green GrowthIn August of 2011, the Fundación Metrópoli and Think City Sdn Bhd began a joint effort, entitled the Penang Project, on the transformative potential of the Penang Conurbation, co-funded by the federal government of Malaysia. Penang is rapidly urbanizi1/3/14FreeView In iTunes
          60VideoFinancing Energy Efficiency: Lessons from International ExperienceEnergy efficiency has been widely recognized as one of the most cost-effective option to mitigate climate change. But the implementation of energy efficiency has been far short of the potential due to a number of barriers, including those related to finan1/3/14FreeView In iTunes
          61VideoTutela judicial del derecho a la salud en UruguaySe analizarán las tendencias jurisprudenciales sobre el derecho a la salud en Uruguay, con especial énfasis en las prestaciones de medicamentos, reseñándose los argumentos principales de los jueces. El caso uruguayo resulta excepcional en el contexto1/3/14FreeView In iTunes
          62VideoIntegrated Urban Water Managementhe global urban population rose dramatically from 732 million (29%) in 1950 to 3.6 billion (52%) in 2011 and is projected to reach 60% (4.9 billion) by 2030. Most of this growth is taking place in lower and middle income countries where current water mana1/3/14FreeView In iTunes
          63VideoSolid Waste - Where the World is Today, and Where it's HeadedDeveloping country cities, already coping with burgeoning populations, scarce financial resources, and limited capacity to manage environmental issues, are facing a sharp rise in the amount and costs of garbage that they will be required to deal with by 212/30/13FreeView In iTunes
          64VideoEfectos adversos no intencionales de la intervención judicial en las decisiones de saludMuchos países han incorporado el "derecho a la salud" en sus disposiciones constitucionales. Esto ha sido la base para demandas ante los más altos tribunales con el fin de revocar decisiones desfavorables de cobertura de los sistemas de atención de sal12/30/13FreeView In iTunes
          65VideoFinancing Private-Sector Led Off-Grid ElectrificationTo effectively support private sector led off-grid electrification, we need to understand the financial challenges faced by energy supply companies, technology and business solutions providers and project developers. Different financing solutions may be r12/24/13FreeView In iTunes
          66VideoImproving Urban Governance and Anti-Corruption in SE EuropeCorruption is considered one of the main obstacles in achieving a sustainable and fair urban development and in delivering effectively public services. Urban development and public service delivery are closely linked to anti-corruption efforts, as some of12/24/13FreeView In iTunes
          67VideoInstitutions and Politics of Metropolitan ManagementFew cities in the developing world are able to discharge their increasing functions effectively. A lack of finance is cited by most city managers in developing countries as the principle cause. However, inadequate finance is only a part of the story. An e12/24/13FreeView In iTunes
          68VideoJusticiabilidad del Derecho a la Salud en ArgentinaLa exposición hará foco en el impacto de la reforma constitucional de 1994 en materia de derechos fundamentales en el escenario jurídico argentino y en los estándares jurisprudenciales de la Corte Suprema de Justicia de la Nación, impregnados de tal12/24/13FreeView In iTunes
          69VideoLa protección judicial del derecho a la salud en ColombiaSe presentará una mirada amplia de lo que ha significado en Colombia la justiciabilidad del derecho a la salud. “La experiencia de la Sentencia T-760 proferida por la Corte Constitucional de Colombia, con todas sus limitaciones, podría mostrar sendero12/24/13FreeView In iTunes
          70VideoMetropolitan Cities_ Their Rise, Role and FutureThe webinar will explore now metropolitan cities can serve as drivers of economic development. All cities, but particularly metropolitan cities, need to recognize complementarity of manufacturing and services and enhance productivity and innovativeness of12/24/13FreeView In iTunes
          71VideoSetting up Programmes of Activities (PoA)Programmes of Activities (PoAs) have been introduced to overcome some of the challenges associated with implementing Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects. PoA’s are of particular relevance in Least Developed Countries (LDCs) due to their potential12/23/13FreeView In iTunes
          72VideoThe Decentralization of Governance in Metropolitan AreasThe webinar discusses whether the fiscal decentralization model that has been instrumental in decisions about structuring governance on a nationwide basis can be applied successfully in metropolitan areas. The presentation will include the theoretical und12/23/13FreeView In iTunes
          73VideoThe Economics of the Right to HealthDoes the fact that a country has enshrined in its constitution that health is a right mean that everyone has the right to everything for free? This webinar will discuss the principles of the right to health, their implications and how they relate to some12/23/13FreeView In iTunes
          74VideoUpgrading of Informal Settlements Program in South AfricaThe Upgrading of Informal Settlements Program in South Africa: formalizing settlements through tenure security, basic services and economic empowerment. This webinar will offer the opportunity to learn from South Africa’s unique experience on shaping a12/23/13FreeView In iTunes
          75VideoProteccion Judicial del Derecho a la Salud en Costa RicaCosta Rica tiene un sistema nacional de salud, cuyas prestaciones corresponden universalmente a una institución pública: la Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social. La CCSS legalmente cubre al 100% de la población (en la realidad, al 90%). Costa Rica tiene12/19/13FreeView In iTunes
          76VideoPoA: Experiences from the FieldProgrammes of Activities (PoAs) have been introduced to overcome some of the challenges associated with implementing Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects. PoA’s are of particular relevance in Least Developed Countries (LDCs) due to their potential12/19/13FreeView In iTunes
          77VideoScaling up Climate Action in CitiesThe World Bank Institute Climate Change Practice (WBICC) has initiated a comprehensive capacity building program on Scaling up Climate Action in Cities. The initiative aims to support the development of sustainable, climate-friendly cities through knowled12/19/13FreeView In iTunes
          78VideoCommunity Driven Citywide Slum Upgrading: Lessons Learned from Thailand to East AsiaThis webinar will offer the opportunity to learn from Thailand’s community driven approach on housing and slum upgrading policies. The Baan Mankong (BMK) Program has been implemented for more than ten years by the Community Organizations Development Ins12/19/13FreeView In iTunes
          79VideoLessons Learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake and TsunamiLearning from Megadisasters is a knowledge-sharing project that aims to encourage countries to mainstream disaster risk management (DRM) in their development policies and planning. The project intends to achieve this through sharing Japan’s knowledge on2/1/13FreeView In iTunes
          80VideoAfrica: Road to Middle Income and the Challenges for the Next DecadeIf the current trend continues, most African countries would be middle-income by 2020 and by 2025, only about 13 countries could remain traditional aid recipients, most of them fragile states. But sustaining the trend and making it more pro-poor will not1/31/13FreeView In iTunes
          81VideoReflection on the Doha Gateway and the way forwardClimate Change action practitioners from around the world eagerly await each year the outcomes from the Conference of the Parties (COP) meetings. From November 26 to December 7, 2012, COP-18 took place in Doha, Qatar. What are the key outcomes? Which inst1/16/13FreeView In iTunes
          82VideoRethinking the Role of the State in FinanceThe global financial crisis has challenged conventional thinking on financial sector policies. It has re-opened a fundamental question: what should be the role of the state, as owner, regulator, overseer, and promoter, in financial development? The World1/10/13FreeView In iTunes
          83VideoEurope's Growth Problem: Is Austerity the Answer?The current debate in Europe has pitted proponents of structural reforms (to make governments more efficient and the environment for enterprise more business-friendly) against those who see fiscal austerity as hurting rather than helping. The World Bank h10/2/12FreeView In iTunes
          84VideoInnovation Policies to Support Low Emission DevelopmentMeeting climate change goals requires significant efforts to diffuse existing technologies and to develop and deploy new ones. Public and private investment need to be ramped up by a combination of “technology-push” and “market-pull” policies. Dif9/28/12FreeView In iTunes
          85VideoThe World Under Pressure: How China & India Are Influencing the Global Economy & EnvironmentThe rapid rise of China and India is reshaping our global economic and environmental systems – raising major issues of stability, governance, and sustainability. This webinar will discuss framework that shows the interdependence between economic size, t6/6/12FreeView In iTunes
          86VideoCatalyzing 21st Century Growth: The Role of Innovative CitiesThe analysis of the economic growth of cities is no different from that of countries: High performing cities, which can serve as engines of growth, are those that excel at mobilizing resources from domestic and external sources and channeling them into pr5/8/12FreeView In iTunes
          87VideoCities as Engines for Economic Growthhe monthly Webinar Series on “Cities as Engines of Economic Growth” provides a forum for leading experts, policy makers and the private sector to discuss timely topics on city competitiveness. The first event in this series will be delivered by Profes4/16/12FreeView In iTunes
          88VideoIntegrated Flood Risk ManagementUrban flooding is a serious and growing development challenge, particularly for the residents of the rapidly expanding towns and cities in developing countries. Against the backdrop of demographic growth, urbanization trends and climate changes, the cause4/4/12FreeView In iTunes
          89VideoInnovations In Financing Public-Private PartnershipsIn the face of ongoing global financial turmoil, governments that wish to sustain PPP programs are having to innovate and fill financing gaps that have arisen because of the declining appetite of banks for long-term lending for PPPs. This webinar will loo3/13/12FreeView In iTunes
          90VideoClimate Change, Disaster Risk and the Urban PoorThis webinar session will present key findings of the Mayor's Task Force on Climate Change, Disaster Risk and the Urban Poor which has developed a set of broad actions that cities can undertake to build resilience particularly for those at greatest risk.2/16/12FreeView In iTunes
          91VideoSignals from Durban: Next Steps for Climate ChangeAt 4:30 am on the morning of Sunday December 11, 2011, some 36 hours later than the official closing time, the 17th meeting so the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (or COP-17) came to an end in Durban. The 194 participating countri1/19/12FreeView In iTunes
          92VideoYouth Unemployment: Key Issues and Policy ChallengesThe recent social unrest and political uprisings in the Middle East have underscored the perils of high rates of unemployment, especially among youth. Youth unemployment is high in all regions of the world, much higher than adult unemployment. In 2010, th12/15/11FreeView In iTunes
          93VideoThe South-South Opportunity: A Global Connector Role for the World BankTraditionally, development cooperation involved the transfer of resources and reform-prescriptions from North to South. Over the last years, however, more and more solutions to development challenges are coming from the global South. These countries want11/1/11FreeView In iTunes
          94VideoSocial Entrepreneurs: Ready to Share Center Stage with the Public and Private Sectors in Producing Growth with Equityrvind Gupta, Lead Financial Sector Specialist at the World Bank Institute will argue, based on examples and data, that social entrepreneurs and the social enterprise sector are now ready to share center stage with the public sector and the private sector10/5/11FreeView In iTunes
          95VideoRevolt Against BigThe discussion centers around big financial institutions, conglomerates, and large sized entities (big government, big labor unions, etc.) which are usually powerful and pose a systematic risk to the economies. Policy options of dealing with large entitie9/13/11FreeView In iTunes
          96VideoLa protección del derecho a la salud en SudafricaEl derecho a la salud desde la perspectiva de la Corte Constitucional de Sudáfrica8/17/11FreeView In iTunes