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    Message from Sumsun nahar for Peace building globally

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      Message from Sumsun nahar for Peace building globally


      Vice Chairman, ksp


      Dear Ladies & Gentleman,

      On behalf of the KSP, Dhaka, Bangladesh I congratulate on all of you so as to play a pivotal role in building peace throughout the world. In fact, peace is vastly greater concept that the lake of war, violence, poverty and inner turmoil. Peace is the combination of bodily peace, family peace, local peace, national peace, inner peace and world peace. Accordingly, true peace must begin with food, water, vitamin nutrition and medical care for both rich and food poor alike. Next peace training starts with the family and in our education systems. Peace needs to surround us in the form of local safety and security which is best achieved through communication and negotiation with neighbors to attain mutual trust and respect for one another. Government and state leaders can assist in the peace process by creating, encouraging and enforcing moral and ethical standards, thus promoting justice, liberty, freedom, ethnic and religions tolerance and constructive relations with all nations. Inner peace may be the most important key to peace because through love, faith, meditation self-esteem, compassion, hope, kindness, gratitude and wisdom, peace wills spread to those around you. World peace is achieved by combining all the ‘peaces’ together to create hot peace. Hot peace is the absolute presence of world wide justice, freedom, co-operation, negation, and education an mutual respect, sharing compassion, kindness, happiness, joy, equanimity, human dignity and harmony with nature, animals and mother earth. World peace is merely an unsolved puzzle waiting for loving people to put the peaces together. Through love, world peace not only becomes possible, peace becomes probable. The benefits of human beings working together to create peace for all, will be reduced poverty, crime, war, hate, injustice and pollution. The true benefit is living in a world where love, caring and compassion become the standard in this beautiful planet.

      We hope to change this reality either through our efforts or the efforts of others that understood our dissatisfaction with the peace making information that is currently available to peace builders. We have to remove the elements of conflicts, confrontation and injustice which hampers the global peace as threats, exploitation of resources with little regard for civilian population, denial of physiological needs (foods, water, shelter, medical, religious needs), violence, terrorism, genocide, tribal, ethnic and religious war, national war, regional war and world war. Peace training education should be followed by us in building peace globally.

      1. Conflict analysis and early warning signs.
      2. Conflict analysis typically focuses on the problems of culturally divided states, especially those with weak, democratic traditions, deep ethnic division and histories of collective violence perpetrated by one group against another or by past or current governments against civilians populations.
      3. Non-violent demonstrations protests and media campaigns (previously) only newspaper, radio and TV now including the internet and social Media.
      4. Erasing ignorance, non awareness non admission of the situations.
      5. Creating consciousness of inequity and injustice of issue, interests, needs and wants.
      6. Consciousness
      7. The state of being conscious awareness of one’s own existent, sensation, thoughts surroundings.
      8.   The thoughts and feelings, collection of an individual or of an aggregate of people; the moral consciousness of a nation 
      9. Full activity of the mind and senses and in waking life, to regain consciousness after fainting.
      10. Awareness of something for what is it; internal knowledge, consciousness of wrong doing
      11. Concern, interest or acute awareness, class consciousness.

      d) Conflict transformation

      i)  Conflict can be the transforming agent that causes the individual, region to change perception, attitude, behavior and actions.

      ii) Transforming destructive relationships into productive social changes.

      iii)  Identity transformation, education into peaceful souls.

      iv)    Personal transformation related to grief and trauma, dealing with family deaths, anger, bitterness and hatred especially in young, middle aged and older adults.

      We should follow peace building process that  is negotiation getting all parties to talk face to face and resolve their difference by themselves. Conciliation - a conciliator communicates with each side individually. Meditation, facilitation-promoting justice for all parties by an impartial third party. Advocacy -A third promoting one side due to real and perceived injustice.

      Arbitration-Adjunctive-A third party makes a hiding division for both party.  Threat of force- The threat of military action by a third party against the offending party. Economic sanctions- Third parties impose economic sanctions against offending party. In perspective of the world situation, we have to achieve world peace for better living. How can we achieve peace on earth? First and utmost, we must find it within ourselves. By sharing our inner peace with others, peace will spread, by raising our children properly and teaching them to respect and love their  neighbors, they will leave the joy of peace. The peace process should be predominantly preventing measure A gram of prevention is worth a kilogram cure peace should likely start as a grassroots movements, thereby creating a “trickle up” process. Not only can we teach others about peace but we can suggest alternatives to governments and political candidate that continue to advocate war as the main solution to civil and international conflict. Along the way, some form of world “Planning and Lawmaking” Committee probability needs to be established that includes all nations. One nation’s problems are problems for all of us. We must learn to see ourselves as one small planet and not be so concerned with our nationality, race or religion. When it comes right down to it we are all human and we should work together for human rights and justice for all. Think what could accomplish if we all worked together to create a true world economy. We could end starvation, reduce poverty, create jobs and work towards common goals such as worldwide justice, peace, education, pollution control and planet management. What is perhaps the best way to prevent war? Conflict prevention and conflict resolution, transformation requires that we eliminate the nature of the hostilities and attempt to create harmony and equality between the various parties. Restorative justice implies that the perceived injustices must be resolved through either, negotiation, meditation arbitration, community conferencing, communality meditation, negotiated rule making, collaborative and international law or as a last resort, military action trauma recovery and identify renewal can help prevent war torn areas from falling back into further fighting. Youth development strategies can help our future adults from repeating the mistakes we have made that we have lead us to war.

      Philosophy suggests that nations that have found peace should help less peaceful nations by sharing knowledge, fond and other resource, our conscience tells us that we should treat others the way we want to be treated with dignity and respect. Overall, KSP will play a pivotal role in eradicating imperialistic haughtiness, violence, tyrannical attitude and destructive despotism and also extirpation of nearly devised conspiracy of the imperialists through formation of allied platform in collaboration with other developing countries based on mass developing, researched innovation, cognizance science and technology in order to build up infrastructure of world peace to have ascertainment of the political, economic, democratic, Social and cultural rights the people of Bangladesh and also global cosmopolite with certainty chainging the traditional law and administrative infrastructure accordingly. KSP will struggle against hunger, poverty, illiteracy, exploitation, deprivation, corruption and conspiracy of imperialism with the object of building world peace. The overall object of the KSP will be to establish peace, integration, self-respect, basic rights and a sound economic infrastructure to build up global peace. With this end in view, I seek co-operation from all of you to build world peace through establishment of Political, economical, democratic, social and cultural rights of the people of Bangladesh and also people of the world.




      Many thanks and regards.

      Sumsun nahar

      Vice Chairman

      1. KSP.