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    Climate Change

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      Climate change is affecting many of the

      communities, undermining their livelihoods through gradual, insidious changes in temperature and rainfall

      patterns, and increasing the frequency and/or intensity of hazards such as floods and droughts.

      On a global scale, disasters are increasing in both

      frequency and impact. The number of people

      affected by disaster doubled during the 1990s,

      and every year since 2000 over a quarter of a

      billion people lost their home, livelihood or health

      as a result.


      In the context of climate change, we can assume

      that in most areas, the frequency and intensity of

      extreme weather events, such as floods, droughts,

      and cyclones, are bound and  will be greater?


      In an extreme event of climate change does it  highly depend on the level of preparedness of local and national

      institutions, as well as on the capacity of communities and individuals to manage the