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    Can we map the scariest valuation truths that young professional societies (YPS) will need to conquer?

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      Actually what I would most enjoy helping mediate is: collaboratively map  what YPS exist inside and outside the world bank:by region such as Young African and Young Americas Society,by application such as Young Health, Young Agriculture or Young Superstars society,by cultural or demography such as young catholic or young women or young muslim women society, as well as by young economic and young peace society However I am a relatively elderly statistician , so the unique competence I may bring to the party is to ask are we optimistically but rationally confronting terrifying valuation truths of being at that intergenerational moment that determines sustainability of race and planet . Here are 4 example beliefs worth wholly valuing First, do you know who said them? Top two are current; the other 2 reveal an intergenerational investment debate of how sustainably do we love the net generation and how global village networking is designed


      Short Future History of Scary Stuff - how many of 2015's largest organsisations and networks in the world being governed by the greatest mathematical mistake ever


      1948-1972 references from The Economist available on request chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk era when most economists (and mass media designers) forget Keynes number 1 exponentials responsibility- design next generation futures to mediate end of poverty. Moreover, extraordinary new to the world concepts worth tracking included birth of world's largest public broadcaster, birth of a National Health Service, birth of a European Union - all wondrous concepts but with no ongoing ACTS - therefore accidentally compounding huge intergenerational risks as their freedom of purpose zagged

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      1972-1999 era when debates of value of global village networking needed to include 7 billion beings liivelihood futures if investments in millennial goals were to be a purposeful reality not a greenwashing game; instead global consultants of 1984 to 1999 raced to exclude goodwill and sustainability's exponential metrics from global accounting audits which were designed around the most extractive past quarter maths ever spread

      discuss valuation video


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      (PIH learning linksPartners In Health GHD  http://www.pih.org/knowledge-center  ... Haiti to Be World's First OPne University of Health? ) chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk
      1. chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk writes:I wanted to break in here to suggest 2 ideas. First if you have any other favorite transcripts of Jim Kim or Paul Framer of Sir Fazle Abed (the 3 greatest networkers to scale bottom up health services) - please add them in this discussion area.Kim et all paper of transforming value chain of global health, Lancet 2013 Jim Kim