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    What are threats and opportunities of it being illegal to profit-take from education

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      Chile may have become a national partnering lab in this innovative challenge; Catholic education systems worldwide may also be invited to partner


      What are the threats to this? Traditionalists may say that education out of Chile will be under-invested in (and with virtual learning formats students will learn abroad). There is also the dam smith issue of never ever let a narrow political caucus judge who your next generation's markets are let alone have a monopoly of running the systems in which smart is taught


      Opportunities; well as Boston educators have freely admitted there are currently 4 monopolies embedded in education that are not pro-youth - profit-taking education systems manipulating these 4 monopolies ((whats taught, who researches, whats examined, who ceriified) have blocked greatest innovations (10 times more wealth and health) that designing the internet as the smartest open society/education media could have led


      So the Chilean Entrepreneurial Revolution comes back to questioning where have economists failed to value the future of education the way borderless worldwide millennials could be celebrating. How on earth did The Economist's and peter Drucker calls to innovate privatisation as a way of going beyond the 3 failed systems of short-term corporate, short-term government, greenwashed charity end up with the least expoentially  sustainable of all partnerships (metric how much did most powerful side extract each quarter from all others) instead of the most win-win-win model


      Cultural Congratulations Chile - the opportunities and threats of what you are exploring will run and run at least s long as#2030 now. And lets hope that Rome is the first to partner the spirit of education as the biggest investment we parents ever make in our next generations is the leadership sectors where we need the leest profit takers. And congratulations if womens empowerment can navigate this constitutional transformation back to the future opf open societies of youth



      Freeing  youth's voice  -some forbidden questions of education


      who's open education who


      when obama promises a guide to value universities before he leaves power, how much will students voice be integrated into the accountability, transpareeny and collaboration that the process of ranking value of universities could celebrate


      searches out of chiles ER

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          thank goodness for americas millennials having between now and april to explore this new new world!

          lets hope that roman millennials be they peace-loving, (IFAD) big data agriculture-for smallholders, fashion-responsible, catholic, or green partners of americas millennials before the day after tomorrow -ref 1 movie , 2 columbia uni




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              difficult conversation with muhammad yunus 2010  -advice on what I should have said welcome (as because I am a mathematician here to learn if you see a mistake in my analysis please tell me!)


              question what is the goodwill valuation of being the most connected partnering network of what worldwide youth value most in their livelihoods and in sustaining millennial goals  (how much of the word's 64 trillion dollar economy does that linkin to?


              lets be modest

              lets say that your investment of $27 dollars in the world poorest mothers is worth 12 billion dollars at start of 2010 (that's quite a modest acquisition worth of 1500 dollars per (8 million village mothers) who's life is committed to your collaboration network


              it seems that the global brand of most trusted partnerships needs to be on a moores law doubling every year if millennial goals are to be actionably cebrated by all


              so whats the constitutional form need for a brand whose collaboration valuation tracks

              2010 12 billion

              2011 24 billion

              2012 48 billion

              2013 96 billion

              2014 192 billion

              2015 384 billion  (still smaller than eg apple)

              and how much longer can such an exponential be sustained without it becoming the number 1 enemy of big banking or big media or whom?


              next question:

              where on the spectrum from 100% social business model

              to 51% social business model would SWOT suggest

              (historical strengths and weaknesses of partner ship relations)

              exponentially compounding future opportunities and threats on being core of network's systems of system in linking  youth and leaders of every sustainable market sector around a global village planet


              where I personally agreed with yunus - we dont need a dividend form of constitution - the goal is big enough for many yeras to come and needs to invite open source and volunteers positive energies


              but when it comes to who owns the equity, I would explore anywhere between 51% and 100% ownership in trust for the poorest; 51

              because youth wizard technologists living in expensive cities (sometimes trying to get out of huge debts of having tried to acquire what had historically been regarded as the world's best education) are going to need their own investment capital up their sleeves in this fastest of all development games - they are going to need to attract some partners whose passion for optimising 7 billion peoples livelihoods will need to be learnt- and if you did go for a 51% model you are only giving away one year of doubling- the greatest would be youth entrepreneur starts unknown- they dont have your world fame to start up with-


              media in last mile service marketing may have almost no const but the war of trying to remove biggest organisations in the world from extracting instead of freeing a sectors most human purpose isnt something I would advise any youth to do financially barefoot though I agree the service mindset should be about barefoot love not the wall street bankers empire-ruling mentality


              and of all sectors where millennial professionals are going to learn this hi-trust accounting for sustainability and borderless collaboration is set to be a challenge between networks golaiths (BIG BROTHER) and davids (LITTLE SISTERS). To be optimistically rational about this youth need some capital; what they dont need is to be endlessly bailing out elders collapsed systems  Can we map the scariest valuation truths that young professional societies (YPS) will need to conquer?