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    who would you like to mooc or tedx with next

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      Dedication ; in the 25 years since my family started worldclassbrands.tv as a partnership network for people who believed it is possible to do good with media, my greatest mentor was colin morley. He was as adept at branding the highest trust brand leadership messages - launching an early mobile operator with the slogan who'd you like to one to one with "background Martin Luther king I have a dream speech) as he was in hosting 2000 youth open spaces.


      Sadly Colin was killed during the year 2005 London had billed take end poverty into a higher orbit at 7/7 .It seems fitting to dedicate this discussion to Colin as i hope you'll agree if you view the man from this BBC perspective



      In memoriam

      *****Recently Passed Nobels





      *****End Poverty Connectors through maas tedx

      Jim Kim's mother "live your life for eternity"

      Dbanj. -world bank tedx - video for Ghana Choc Farmers .. 2 million petition out of Ethiopia . Africa Ambassador for Apple Beats


      ***** Female Nobel Laureates




      ***** Male Nobel Laureates



      Jimmy Carter


      who else ? rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk i will try and post popular votes

      A: Actions: Possible connecting steps... http://www.nobelforpeace-summits.org/ for over 3 years friends out of Rome and S.Africa had been hoping to

      .celebrate everything millennials could gain from action learning with nelson mandela- so given that summit aint happening out of Afriac in spite of huge work prepping it,  can it relocate or webinar in such a way that a MOOC emerges? or...


      Be: Investing in Millennials solving the goals they vote to devote lives to 2015now

      how can we develop massive curriculum of youth and peace leaders- we have just under 12 months left to converge investors around goals millenails actually choose - please post events that can link this in - see eg http://convergences2015.org http://sustainability2015.com and http://youthcreativelab.blogspot.com http://2015sustainability.com


      Change: Back from Future Capitalism and Society 2030now


      further notes:

      A  Rome's description of Nobel Summit responsibilities

      Establish the proper environment and promote the engagement of Nobel Peace Laureates “NPL´s” in order to share their knowledge and experience engaging the minds of ordinary people in general and the young people in particular on real matters that pertain to global affairs, conflicts, world without violence, racism, poverty, global environment, diseases, proliferation of weapons focused on global peace on the planet.

      Our Tasks

      • Organize the World Summits of Nobel Peace Laureates annually as a platform to consolidate peace efforts and strengthen global security (link to the page about the Summit).
      • Ensure the coherency of the activities of the Summits.
      • Monitor and support of the Nobel Peace Laureates activities through our global network.
      • Youth and citizens social formation including tools for global online education.
      • Support of major youth and citizens initiatives deriving from our programs.
      • Foster and implement an adequate networking for youth, citizens, business and authorities in their effort to create better common solutions for facing social problems.
      • Promote sponsors integration into social matters through the Summit platform and Summit’s programs.
      • Engage the minds of young people and citizens on real matters that pertain to such global affairs like conflict resolution, global environment problems, disarmament, humanitarian and social issues etc. that broaden vision and opens up new horizons for a more peaceful and compassionate thinking.
      • Provide practical support of students and citizens initiatives that arise out of the Summits or reflect the elements of our programs.

      Our Initiatives and platforms

      • Following practical activities derive from the Summit’s platform:
      • Yearly Youth Program - “Leading by Example” with involvement of international youth and professors from around the globe.
      • Networking platform for youth, citizens, business and government to share their experiences in taking social matters.
      • Networking platform for the support of Nobel Peace Laureates activities throughout the world.
      • Initiatives platform with sponsors to educate and encourage youth and citizens by sharing practical knowledge and experience in social matters through the Summit and its networks.