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    Survey to collect input to the ISO GHG standards strategy roadmap – www.surveymonkey.com/s/5SMHZYV - to guide development of future GHG standards in TC207 SC7 GHG Management

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      Hi Everyone,


      ISO TC207 SC7 (GHG Management and Related Issues) is developing a strategic plan in order to:

      • support SC7 activities now and for the future in order to meet stakeholder and marketplace needs

      • provide to the ISO/TMB Climate Change Coordinating Committee

      • provide input to TC 207 strategy and its other strategic task forces

      • inform official liaisons and the broader stakeholder community


      Many new standards are being considered - do we need a standard on knowledge management for climate change? Please respond to the short survey to share you opinions on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and priorities for ISO TC207 SC7 on GHG Management and Related Issues. www.surveymonkey.com/s/5SMHZYV


      Thanks, Tom


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