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    What mentoring can a 55+ offer a 9-35 (millennial) about #2030now

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      Mediating Social Actions:


      1 Begin with a quote that empowers your generation because an elder is severely questioning her or his generation -eg paraprasing #2030now of  Jim Kim's:: know that the next 15 years collaboration goals are the most exciting ever faced by any generation of our species, select your social movement : expect it will be the most exhilirating thing you ever do but also the hardest


      2 Read the last 3 pages of Keynes General Theory together until both of you knows how to share the understanding with any generation with an open mindset - do you agree with Keynes answers to a) who designs what systems a next generation are freed or trapped by? b) which elders professional network compounds the most risk of destroying sustainability of youth? c) did those who taught you history fully debrief you on occasions when elders accidentally or knowingly went to war (or capital abuse) with their children? Counter example presented 2013 Nobel Peace Summit Warsaw- solidarite steps Lech Walesa's generation and Pope John Paul linked in to leap free of communism


      3 Choose 3 short videos (eg 1 2 3) that you can  both viiralise joy of innovation of borderless world with and -also empower you (in open society ways beyond any platforms of any internet company) to openly evolve your (livelihood's) social business network  - eg sign off every email with links to these 3 videos, and make sure that any serious report you twitter values action learning triangularised by at least one of these videos. Celebrate open questioning which compares your 3 video signature A B C with anyone else's

      4 Explore what your family tree can win-win  culturally, and economically ground your valuation of goodwill and collaboration purposefulness worldwide in a unique way. eg what are the consequences of a family tree whose paternal line back to 1843 tracks through 6 generations of international scottish mediators and mathematicians; and whose maternal line tracks through Raj nurses, pharmacists and barristers including in Mumbai's case the leading pharmacy Kemp's Corner and the Queens Councilor whose 25 years mediation with Mahatma Gandhi concluded with writing up the legalese of India's Independence


      Be true to sustainability of your own future history while not conflicting with anyone else's provided it too matches interpersonal courage and love's golden rule: do unto others what you would wish they do unto you


      5 Recursively edit a back from the future map (a current version) of the associations your mind links in emotionally subconsciously as well as optimistically rationally; overcommunicate joyful/spirited invitations to everyone who may value you to find out who's cultural context of change is win-win with your existing one, or those your livelihood dreams to serve

      Practical exercises include: which value chains need total transformation if sustainability of every global village is to be on rising exponential by 2030;

      which is a benchmark millennial group by region, practice or demographic culture that the entrepreneurial you can multiply wealth, health and safety through

      what processes (eg, entrepreneur competition, youth summits, tedx,  open learning campus, elearning satellite)  can build all millennial networks of 2030now


      Cultural contexts are much richer/deeper than this 4 by 2 by 2 classification but it can make for a checklist lens to navigate with -eg demand anyone with educational power (eg examination) over you is practically caring of all of these 8 self and team curiosities:

      Lives in a developed place versus undeveloped (note this may involve infrastructure differences of 100-fold)

      Millennial Age : 9-12, 13-17, 18-25, 26-35

      Girl, Boy