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    Your knowledge on future action is chained by your freedom of info flows

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      My grandad1 would cheekily disagree with those who praised his future brainpower

      - he'd say it helped having a job (writing 3000+ leaders for The Economist) where most open information flowed past your desk

      on what all the hemisphere's world leaders actually did


      I would love some advice as a 12th grader - how do I choose a university that wont siloise me and wont put me in unnecessary debt. I wish obama would use that social valuation criterion in bring out his promised league table of value universities


      This neural map of me being a millennial of #2030now is an experimental stage - if you see some way to positively collaborate with it -thanks a billion

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          55 Years Homework: 2015 Start of The World's Most Exciting Human Race  by chris.macrae


          The year is 1960. The invention of the personal computer is 20 years away, and a trans-hemisphere phone call is hundreds of times more expensive than in 2015  After 13 years at The Economist my father Norman Macrae had developed an impudent hypothesis that became core to his life's work. The West no longer has any sustainable (inter-generational) models for freeing market sectors with the greatest social value such as healthcare. 


          The hypothesis was based on tracking a lot of information-  from the birth of the UK National Health Service to being the only journalist at Medina where the European Union was conceived. Most of all there was the Saint James' institution of The Economist's Friday lunch. Any leader passing through London is invited to drop by to share an off-the-record dialogue on entrepreneurship's  and public servants' and peace's most extreme innovation challenges.


          When my father died in 2010, obituary writers kindly hailed an unacknowledged giant with an unique brain as a future historian and a Keynsian-Scottish economist culturally attuned to founder James Wilson's 1843 goal of mediating an end to hunger and an end to the industrial revolution's capital abuse of youth. My father would have agreed those were the topics he masterminded in curiosity, but he would have said seeing more open society information than anyone else was his uniquely productive privilege. It resonated as the rising exponential value multiplier in all his friendships and alumnis' 21st C maps of ending poverty and celebrating pro-youth economics


          Intuitively he saw that Western tv broadcasting had accidentally been spun round fear's most socially destructive dynamics. The one time a government (if it is designed round public servants) has a valid right to keep secrets is during a world war. You can't announce the news of: we are sending our troops to XXX. But this dismal top-down mindset ruling over broadcast media was to spin on post 1945 as a curse on the West and most of the then richest nations.


          We Create What We Want.
          We wanted to go to the moon, so we went there.
          We achieve what we want to achieve.
          We accept that poverty is part of human destiny. It’s not!
          We believe we can create a poverty-free world.
          We need to invent ways to change our perspective.
          We can reconfigure our world if we can reconfigure our mindset. .
          Social business will be a new kind of business, making a difference in the world.
          Human beings are a wonderful creation embodied with limitless human qualities and capabilities.
          Entrepreneurs are not one-dimensional human beings, dedicated to maximizing profit.
          They are multi-dimensional: political, emotional, social, spiritual, environmental.
          The desire to do great things for the world can be a powerful driving force
          Young people dream about creating a perfect world of their own.
          Social business will give them a challenge to make a difference by using their creative talent.
          Let us join hands to unleash our energy and creativity.
          Collectively, we can create a poverty-free world.”

          Muhammad Yunus 2006
          Source :


          By 1972 Norman's hypothesis was launched as "a pro-youth jobs creating curriculum" of Entrepreneurial Revolution and Norman finding that Keynsian "end poverty" economists were being culled by the world's biggest organisations and most of the 0.1% of richest men,  now preferred to sign himself as a future historian. To start to understand why, reread the last 3 pages of Keynes General Theory. Mix in the emotional intelligence of spending last days as a teenager navigating airplanes in ww2 over modern-day Bangladesh, Norman's survival, as a mid 20th Century youth, was also blessed with timing of being in the last class Keynes tutored at Cambridge.


          Back from the future urgency was stimulated in 1972 as  Norman had become obscenely interested (more on this positive facet of revolutionary mindsets in Norman's retirement biography of Johnny ) in observing early student experiments with digital learning networks. Accidentally the UK National Development Project for Computer Assisted Learning was to be my (Norman Son's) first job after postgraduating from Corpus Christi Cambridge in Statistics.


          Also history's then greatest  10-year collaboration goal ever set and achieved - the race to the moon in a single decade- had just raised the whole of humanity's spirit indicating once-in-species-evolution opportunities of what can happen when man and computer interface.


          Given Norman's experience of the economics of media, debating with anyone he could reach the new millennium's birth of the net generation and opportunity to design  global village networking  as the greatest change our human race had ever enjoyed became father's life mission. By 1984 his fieldbook on what could go right if we invested in net generation youth as 10 times more productive and sustainable than ever before was available for all to debate. Over the next 8 years several countries ending with Sweden updated their own future histories of the net generation with Norman's joy of intergenerational entrepreneurship..


          Unlike what spiralled round the West's fearsome climate of inconvenient truth, Norman delighted in searching out Eastern economic miracles through the second half of the 20th century. From 1962 (to the scorn of most of the Western establishment) his surveys in The Economist uniquely valued his mortal enemy as a teenager -Japan. He celebrated  zero-defects quality systems as world changing -. He valued Emperor Hirohito as the most transformative of warmakers turned cross-cultural peacemakers. In his love affair of world citizens of The Eastern hemisphere, he enjoyed an internationalist Scottish advantage: marrying the daughter of the Scottish lawyer who spent 25 years mediating change out of Mumbai with Mahatma Gandhi - Sir Kenneth Kemp's last job being writing up the legalese of India's Independence.


          Indeed, without the Japanese post-war years the computer telecommunications age would have been retarded as  would other lift-offs  of the East and all four hemispheres. Norman also saw the expatriate Chinese as the greatest traders with their megaports and later metacities. By 1976 Norman was mapping how China would be pivotal to the how the millennial generation won or lost sustainability.. Again what Norman's sense of numbesr saw was guided

          1. by 1975, Chinese Expatriates were already the 3rd richest population on the planet;
          2. by the mid 2010s ,the majority of millennials would be in the East - so it would be best if the West  celebrated every possible collaborative innovation with China.


          Note how the greatest investment opportunities of the knowledge networking economy relate to abundant win-win models because truly actionable knowhow multiplies value in use unlike the way that the industrial revolution's consuming up of things was chained around zero-sum scarcity analysis (of one side only wins big in credit (currency) and so-called gross national productivity if another side loses and becomes the biggest debtor)


          Ironically Norman was a bit late to spot the greatest pre-digital age miracle - Bangladesh's innovation of how to end poverty for villagers with the least. This started up one year after the 1971 birth of the world's poorest nation with BRAC a bottom up grassroots networking model who partnership brilliance was destined to make it the largest NIG and the greatest open society template for ending poverty and empowering women and youth to interact millennials' goals


          Dad spent his last 7 years trying to rectify the omission of Consider Bangladesh, and his family continue such curiosity searched through remembrance parties and publishing youth-journalised youtubes such as those made summer 2008 into 10000 student dvds and the collaboration web yunus10000.com. Normans 85th and last public birthday wish party was a tad prematurely convened in Londons' Saint James around Valentines Day 2008 -the birthday of Norman's granddaughter and the newsworthy peak of Yunus bestseller London Tour of :"creating a world without poverty- social business and the future of capitalism". Through November 2008 to Glasgow University's first Remembrance party of Norman on 4 July 2010 (also Yunus 70th birthday wish party), Norman supported every call to linkin Adam Smith scholars out of Glasgow University with Dr Yunus. This had begun with rejoicing that Yunus keynoted the 250th anniversary of Adam Smith publication of moral sentiments, and was cheered on by Scotland's then richest man Sir Tom Hunter (who had already given a hundred million mainly for Bill Clinton to Summit globally out of New York).




          Unfortunately the West has overshot all the main warning signals of how to humanly design globalisation written between 1972 and 1984 including these projections:


          By the start of the 21st C man will recognise differences in incomes and expectations of rich and poor nations as his greatest risk


          In the 2010s the global financial system will collapse unless economists are more transparent about the extraction and externalisation conflicts that have been exponentially accelerated in the way they have ruled since world war 2


          So transforming systems that are too big to exist has become part of every worldwide youth's journey to sustainability. JUst do It now or forever after hold your peace.


          This World Record Nook of Job Creation invites you to collaborate in the last way back to sustainability of our human race that we can think of - but yes that is an invitation to share with us other last ways out of the Orwellian Big Brother scenario which comrade Einstein was to rate as 90% likely to be the endgame of  that one generation -Yours and Mine - simultaneously being more connected by technology than separated.


          We base our cataloguing of job creating solutions that can be replicated across open societies on a game of searching 12 world record job creating social movements. You can join in the game by viewing our maps and then re-editing them according to what World Record Job Creators you edit in or out. We welcome your correspondence and will endeavour to note all Job creation findings at valuetrue.com Empowering millennials and particularly girls across hemispheres requires a lot of investment and love but what makes World Bank Jim Kim's millennials timeline #2030now more exciting than  any other space race is that  the window of opportunity to believe in human work as more valuable than computers' is still free for 7 billion beings to unite round.