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    What if millennials #2030now had a map as recursively accurate as air craft flight schedule maps

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      I overheard dad discussing this in mobile conversations to youth-inspiring networks like

      oas   -yabt.net (whose co-share inside the world bank is the social value directorate- was americas millennial at the youth summit  workshop) - if so why not friend me or just ad a post saying I am a collaboration fan of the road to panama april 2015 and my peer networks part of this map are eg here

      partners in health online social action information portal ghdonline

      dc diaspora networks like USADBC currently chaired by Ethiopains as largest diaspora


      the tedx part of the world bank

      the yazmi 5 billion person part of the Ethiopian Diaspora -if you were to reach all of africa and 5/7 of the world's population with one knowledge strream first -would it be how to end ebola or what would it be?

      MYC0 Americas Millennials OAS -YABT entrepreneurs americas Road to Panama @ Youth Summit workshops-   world bank oct2014

      MYC01 OAS return to World Bank Social Value champions

      MYC1 Africa millennials –dc diaspora to world bank young Africa society return

      Stars0 Yazmi prelaunched by Dc ethiopians out of uganda –permanent since april 2014

      Stars1 Ted 2030now world bank Oct 2014 connecting with Stars101 ,

      Stars101 Nigeria-SV Ambassador Dbanj

      Stars 102 DC to Bangla: BRAC  1  2

      MH1 Ghdonline connects worldwide medic partners in health to boston, haiti and bangla knowhow

      MH1.1 connects harvard millennials ypchronic, value chain elder porter

      Next Proposed routes

      MYCAmericas and Stars Co-share

      MYCAS0Branson Jamaica to Yazmi-DC- to TICamericas Panama To S,Africa Free Studies Lost  Courses:Youth Empower&Entrepreneur

      VC1 business cases catholic uni world socially value most –chilevia panama to rome


      Since dad's the statistician I will place him on-demand asap to revealing more than I can see


      However I know he wants the first phase of this map up to april 2015 to be the most collaborative mi;lennails goals information process ever seen -if you have views on that email him at chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk or tell us where you post them