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    contributions to the discourse on sustainable development...

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      ONE CHAPTER 1 - YouTube


      Watch the video. This is being presented as the state of the art of sustainable development practice and yet it stands out most for the poverty of its scope and failure to engage the context of the species Homo sapiens in all of its complexity.


      Seen from here on the other side of the planet, the obsessive engagement of global warming - not even global climate change - to the exclusion of the many possible impacts of the perturbations of Earth planetary processes in general - caused by the evolutionary emergence and consolidation of the species Homo sapiens - lends a sort of surreal incredibility  to this discourse....Is global warming all that Homo sapiens need to engage in order to transform their global civilization into a sustainable one? Is this all that the most educated of the species can perceive? That would be disappointing!...and how has the species come to be trapped in this restricted perceptual paradigm?


      Their failure - or is it a stubborn and possibly politically motivated refusal - to articulate the fact that the species Homo sapiens itself appears to be part and parcel of these Earth planetary processes adds to the confusion and apparent disconnect between reality and the content of this discourse.


      Some years ago climate change was invisible to most people...and all talk of it was shouted down by a large number of Homo sapiens who then suddenly and in perfect synchronization changed their tune after the release of the world bank report " Turn Down The Heat" !...now Rapid Resource Depletion is being ignored...and there is much more that Homo sapiens do not want to see and many many perceptions that the species simply does not want to make such as that of the nature of growth and its need for guidance by life?


      The future of mining; for fossil fuels, for minerals and for metals...how long can this keep going...can Homo sapiens continue to maintain current levels of output from mining without the use of fossil fuels...can this species maintain its current levels of technology without continuing to use fossil fuels for mining?


      The ability of arable land to produce enough food for Homo sapiens...for how long can it do so...and for how many...and can this be done without the use of fossil fuels?


      How effective is the organizational principle of the hierarchical pyramid and what is its impact on the functional abilities of the species...how many are willing to put in the time and effort required to explore possibilities of getting out of this pyramid and escaping its constraints and the characteristics that it generates? Is it impossible for Homo sapiens to perceive the relationship between the hierarchical pyramid and its inability transcend the growth model of development? How many centuries will it take the species to be able to perceive networks and their functions?


      Can the species break free of its fixation on feedback - based on evidence from the past - and engage feed forward with its perceptions of possible futures?


      Is it willing to consider the possibly orbito-cyclical nature of its cosmic environment?


      Is it willing to concede that what it has access to as evidence is far too limited to make any conclusions that can be considered final within even known cosmological time frames?


      The origins of pathogens that impact the species and their evolutionary role...and many other important and exciting areas of inquiry that are essential to contributing to the task of guiding planetary processes towards a meaningful and sustainable future...is the species going to ignore them all and allow itself to be fixated by global climate change that it sees all around?


      Will Homo sapiens learn how to develop their ability to perceive clearly the many areas in which the species impacts the world and the world impacts the species and how to guide this interaction? Can the species developed the levels of maturity required to address this task?


      Can Homo sapiens break out of the perceptual paradigm that shows them the world as a collection of discrete objects and themselves as autonomous entities - free to manipulate these objects as they please - all created and coming to an end within time and space as well?


      Can Homo sapiens break out of this currently Dominant Dualistic Perceptual Paradigm (DDPP) and facilitate the emergence of and Unitive Perceptual Paradigm (UPP)?


      Can Homo sapiens perceive how this urge to manipulate objects and each other manifests as what they experience as the obsessive generation of desire leading to a consequent compulsive seeking for its satisfaction through the consumption of what it sees as its environment but which is no more than its extended self?


      Can the species see that it is this obsessive compulsive dynamic that is the driver of growth within which the species finds itself trapped?


      Is the species willing to generate a new civilization based on the organizational principle of the network that can manage growth and guide it through cyclical phases dedicated to the clear objective of life's continued evolution and its spread throughout the cosmos?


      Or is this too far fetched...is it too much to ask of this species (wise though it sees itself as being) ...and is global warming and climate change as far as the species Homo sapiens is interested in perceiving?


      Has it no interest in ensuring that all it has learned is carefully transmitted through the civilizational transformation that has begun? Is it unable to perceive and render resilient the species survival and support systems and their supply chains that it depends upon for its continued survival?


      Is the species still too juvenile to look reality in the eye...must it be charmed and seduced and hyped and entertained into changing its course...has it not yet reached adulthood?


      Is it true that the species cannot encompass the full range of its senses in its perceptions...or is it simply that it is too lazy to do so?


      Could it be that far from the center of the DDPP there exist systems of epistemological methodology that enable the perception of the world and life in its many forms in ways quite different to the way those who are trapped within the DDPP perceive them?


      Is it possible that perceptual paradigms other than the DDPP offer new ways to live, new lives and livelihoods for each individual and a new world for all?


      Is it possible that these perceptual paradigms have for millennia been consciously rejected and marginalized...and are we able to discern several attempts over the past five thousand years by these perceptual paradigms to find expression along with their subsequent subversion and subjugation by the DDPP and its organizational structure of the hierarchical pyramid?


      Is it possible that the species Homo sapiens is speciating at the peripheries of the DDPP and are we witnessing the emergence of a small number of individuals who have evolved the functional capacity to perceive the world anew making it possible for them to build new types of relationships with each other and the part of themselves that those who are captive to the DDPP continue to see as their "environment" with which they have no relationship?


      Why is the task of examining possible answers to these questions persistently denied recognition and resourcing?


      Why do people seem AFRAID to advance alternatives to the DDPP?


      How is it that the major portions of the species appears INCAPABLE of making any perceptions other than those possible within the DDPP?


      How is it that this questioning this is not being facilitated?


      Is the species Homo sapiens kind of stupid?...Is it content to live within the limits of the DDPP despite the problems that this entails?


      Does anyone have the courage to respond?