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    If Education is going MOOC why is so difficult to find support world wide?

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      Dearest all,

      If we could get support from all multilateral organizations, UN, WB, IFC, IDB, IMF, MIGA, world leaders, then we could make al this happen. We ask your support Faith and Hope is the missing link. This two people (below) are trying, but they need more and more people to add up. We must create a network. Respecting, all cultures but most important we must return to people their lost hope to dream.

      Open Letter

      His Holiness, Pope Francis

      Apostolic Palace

      00120 Vatican City

      Letter: Pope Francisco - Brazil and Solidarity Economy

      September 21 2014

      His Holiness Pope Francis,

      We got a nice surprise from Brazil, several Catholic universities in Brazil, received the Social Business School (SBS) www.ensglobal.org, which is supported by Prof. M. Yunus Nobel Peace Prize to promote Social Business, and that you personally received at the Vatican to discuss important issues such as having a more just, caring and humane

      economic model and that in your own words said: "the model does not hold."

      The SBS have always set out to achieve the impossible, and we wonder how people can hope for a miracle? We believe that you can make a miracle. We have seen many miracles before, life itself is a miracle. But this miracle only you can do it happen. We aim to achieve the impossible, but also we wonder how you can have hope for a miracle?,

      Why not?. We've all seen a miracle once in life, miracles always come when someone, somewhere, is proposed to achieve the impossible. If these catholic universities in Brazil implement these programs as you preach, this would be a miracle because this would be extended worldwide.

      The meaning of life has been difficult so far, and today we can see the effects that we have taken. How can we explain in the light of the above, all events that are happening globally, without going any further, as to generate at least something that we can believe. We can say that there is always "Faith", but there are many people that have

      lost it because they have been deprived of it. Because Faith has also been destroyed with the same actions in our society, values, principles, traditions, customs, ethics and lose direction along with that hope.

      The only way to restore the faith and hope that is what great people practice. Faith is a "gift" is a gift that only God can restore to us is the divine, and human action restore Hope so we can recover both "Faith and Hope with a divine action and hope with a human one". The equation that the SBS practice is inspired by this. (See below) Like when the traditional schemes we used to believe were broken in the past, left us all in uncertainty. When this happens we all have the responsibility to care for it and no one can evade or avoid it,

      because this uncertainty is the cause of all social badness and threatens the future of coming generations; depends on us that this does not happen. Therefore, I ask you with all my heart to help us achieve this miracle. We do the impossible, but you make it possible. We know you are a busy person. Therefore, we just wanted you to know what we are

      doing and have the honor to profess the deepest respect for you.

      Our highest admiration,

      Bernardo Javalquinto Lagos

      Equation of the Social Business School

      It has been a tremendous ordeal, in which we are assisted by a wonderful team, and carrying as north in the heart and brain the example of many, we have designed and realized a powerhouse of scientific and technological knowledge, which must be permanent beacon that will forge a new and grand destiny, first for youth, women's empowerment and the opportunity to return dreams back to the people of Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Latin America and why not say, in many other parts of the world.

      All this huge do, obviously palpable and visible to some invisible to others, covers only half of the equation that has been considered in the creation of this noble and humanitarian momentum.

      In our concept, every impulse which has the purpose uplifting the human race, can be represented by an equation that involves two bodies or defined areas: the first, composed of men and women, and the other by the scientific and technological material those who must learn to wield for their own good and to all humanity.

      If, by chance, the most advanced techniques and the most accomplished of knowledge are given to not properly formed human beings, the science and the technology will not be assimilated or, worse, will be employed with dwarfed purposes that will be disordered to serve as highly destructive means.

      We know that in the show of human abilities, simply raise the share of working hours and application levels to transcend mediocre performer violin, and reach the level of a great interpreter. It's all about practice. Of course, you are, whenever you try to merely repeat musical patterns devised, created and performed by others.

      Continuing with this example, we in the School of Social Business we train not only correct interpreters, but also notable creators.

      Although all respectable is very large gap between an excellent performer and Vivaldi or Mozart interpreters were also above all creators of musical pieces of timeless beauty.

      We put equal zeal in structuring the first body of the equation, i.e. the intrinsic perfection of our students, so that they have access to traditional instruction, allowing them to break free of what they are other, being dark or obsolete, and become visible all those treasures useless sleep inside. It is the proper task of Buonarroti, discarding the chisel that what is left in the block of Carrara marble, gives birth to Magnificent Moses or David who also ignored, slept on the stone.

      In short, we want students of all social conditions where the humble can develop their talents, who can think, who are aware of themselves and turn into real and efficient creators not only through mere deliver basic education for them. Because the equation goes beyond the traditional. People should understand cultural variables, such as history, art, philosophy, sports, think, respect, believe, have faith and more. As the above should be incomprehensible to the common denominator of people. One must understand that principles mean (point

      of origin), under (making things happen), values (importance is given to things and priorities), moral (views), ethics (standard that applies depending on the moral culture) and vices (defects).

      The globalized world requires us to understand the unimaginable and respect human beings regardless of their condition. Education and work are not a commodity. Freedom is the highest value of all people and freedom is essential for economic prosperity for social and human development of any society in the world.

      Bernardo Javalquinto, Economist;

      University of Maryland, AA, BSc, MBA, PhD


      Escuela de Negocios Sociales (ENS) / Social Business School (SBS)

      www.ensglobal.org ; bjavalquinto@ensglobal.org