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    What would happen to a world ruled by economists who did not value living for eternity

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      Unless your favorite economics text is keynes General Theory (footnote) - This may seem like a strange topic fof holidays conversation - except to dad who copuld be seen chatting up the monsignor after the xmas carols on precisely this theme. But then dad as been wondering whether youth can mediate the chnage world view of atlanta and rome in 2015. His next inquiry in rome is in january. This illsutrates the search our family will be holidaying round



      what's your living for eternity message to ROME and #2015now millennials and women4empowerment

      here's shared message to networks of historically black university millennials(addressed to main entrepreneur competition coordinatior at thurgood marshall also a main fundariser for american black students)-


      do you have a similar mesage to exchnage with rome 9I am not claiming to be best persion to do this but lets start exchanging)

      happy birthday scott - is it worth meeting to see whether your plans for atlanta nov 2015 connect with romes- basically in january I am flying over to rome to debrief what happened last 3 days, and whether there are any action networks of living or past laureates that they want help in converging on altlanta nov 2015


      https://www.google.com/search?num=40&q=%22live+for+eternity%22+%22luther+king%22+%22jim+kim%22&oq=%22live+for+eternity%22+%22luther+king%22+%22jim+kim%22&gs_l=serp.12...10607.14609.0.16346. FOR ETERNITY


      what happened in rome last 3 days at the 14th peace summit http://www.nobelforpeace-summits.org/http://www.nobelforpeace-summits.org/

      unions went on many strikes against lack of jobs


      dalai lama single interest tried to down the pope's millennials networks after downing cape town


      whether nobel peace laureates see themselves as responsible for open education of mandela curriculum is now in doubt


      what club of rome's positive impact on climate debates is intended to be needs finding out


      given that gorbachev was the co-founder of the peace summit in 2000, what is the solution to youth in europe and old ussr regions not being destroyed by big brotherv planning out of brussels and moscow is a question that so far only the somewhat unlikely couple of George Soros and Pope Francis have amplified

      mobile womens empowerment barely got a lookin


      yunus didnt turn up


      does whole subregions of  africa have a future unless all youth and woemn are empowered to upgrade its community health systems using elearning channels scale to do this now -its not clear this is a nobel issue because while several of the organisational laureates stand up for health ther is no individual leader that I can find linking in youth

      I am sure this is only my partial listing of what will rome-atlanta impact next or be too late for 2015 millennials to celebrate actionably- if you have an issue to add in please do - we can then decide whether it needs chatting up in rome or somewhere else that fans of youth or women lurk




      world bank plutocrats

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