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    Challenges from Emerging Economies

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      Two months ago we concluded the global challenges achieving sustainability congress it gave us opportunities to master besides taking a second look at challenges in North and emerging economies. Not to forget low development countries. Each planetary boundary is faced with grim issues. Surplus energy supply, making cities livable, population explosion and food insecurity.

      Business cluster in advanced economies are scared for a dive downwards as result of flying passengers unpronounced competition rising from carbon emissions offsets propelled by efficient virtual village. The numbers on up take of technology information is on upward trend in emerging economies. The M-pesa success in Kenya has proved how technology can empower masses into economic emancipation. On other hand these nations have a population facing starvation and undecreasing figures of stunted children. The little food harvested is secretly lost term it post-harvest loss due to lack of proactive systems. While somewhere on this planet food is wasted, an estimated of 30% of produce, contributing to 11% carbon emissions.

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