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    can you help me list millennials open learning networks at eg changetheworld mooc

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      for a year now we have been helping make a shortlist at the wiki of the changetheworld mooc  - we would welcome suggestions on editing changes - typically a coursera wiki can be edited by anyone with a cousrera registration but if you cant reach the wiki but do have a suggestion pelase add it below


      ### Universities youth value most in an open education world

      * [http://khanacademy.org Khan Academy]  -[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ome28Obiy4I MoocYunus]

      * [http://coursera.org Coursera]

      * [http://maharishiinstitute.org/the-institute/meet-our-directors/ Maharishi Institute]

      * [http://yazmi.com yazmi.com] 5 billion people's elearning satellite -whose content should it partner first

      * [http://www.tedxwbg.com/ millennials world bank] transformation came to world bank in 2012 with arrival of global health servant extraordinaire Jim KIm- world bank tedx to end poverty are one of several convergent processes jim kim wants under 35s to own as open learning campus emerges integrating ondemand coursera partners and for example whatever is best route to free community health crae training across Afriac's poorest nations]

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          a demo note on yazmi -ownership ethiopian in washington dc Noah Samara - transformation of his 1990s satellite radio- noah negotiated common frequencies across 5 billion people's nations in africa and asia - orginally he wanted to communicate urgent info like how to minimise spread of hiv


          yesterday's demo at yazmi head office of yazmi elearning satellite

          turn on satelllite-integrated receiver which looks like larger mobile phone handset - click icon for demos- see various country flags where yazmi has already demonstrated to an education leader


          We were cheekily wondering why isnt there a rwanda lag there with an advert who'd like to learn community health training with our partners in health?


          as far as we can see yazmi is the perfect channel - when millennials practitioners decide there is one training team they would all most like to learn with first that is what would ideally be top of 5 billion people's elearning satelliite - the course givers can share learning materials at their own pace (without risk that someone will come and compete with their curriculum which seems to be drawback of www courses)


          with thanks to dr yunus for first suggesting similar  idea at skoll oxford world social value  championships 2013