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    If world bank wants millennials to end poverty why not help students mooc directly with POP's top 20 practitioners

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      Honestly I dont understand obviously I must be very stupid to think it could be so easy


      - i would like to learn from iim kim or paul farmer or sir fazle abed but the only mooc i can do that appears once a year and only has a 10 minute video of jim kim which doesnt even have one of his colleagues there to take questions,

      or to learn from ...

      larry brilliant or tim berners lee or Jack Ma or George Soros, or Gorbachev, or Walesa, or the Mandela Extranet or (available to 7th graders in south africa but apparently nowhere else) or Women4Empowerment (with star teachers like Kenya's 2nd lady Rachel Ruto sharing knowhow through satellites and real village meetings)    and the only place  american is likely to see Rachel Ruto is the UN womens event next week which isnt exactly where any ordinary youth can get to. Is it really beyond the reach of a American-Kenyan in the white house to share the best of Kenyan mooc with us


      In spirit I am a hybrid of scottish missionary dispora and catholic, andI  enoy how Rome seems to have tried to study every civilisation positive clues. I would like to go to a university that links with the POP Preferential Option Poor) approach of St Francis, Pope Francis , Pope John Paul 2,  PIH and everything I have read about bangladesh 's women empowerment -but I cant really find one; i would like that to link up with contninent wide process like http://www.yabt.net converging on panama heads of states next month with all of the continents youths social innovation ideas

      My maternal scottish great grandad worked with Gandhi for 25 years - so I would like to test the lastet revoloution from gandhi montessori - help an illiterate adult to read a newspaper within 50 days


      My paternal grand uncle had an unfinished mission - he died happy about south korea but sad for nigeria - my paternal grandfather well like any kenysian he must be rolling in his grave - Paul Framer says that part 3 of his interpretaion of POP is that the more technology we have the greatesr our sin for not doing POP with it (see In the company of the poor - Farmer and Gutierrez


      so what's the problem -what stops world bank linking up with millennials  through open education plus


      ok maybe we would need top of pop league tables so we could search out the second half of the top 20; but I bet most millennial interested in #2030now would agree on most of top 10 we'd like to mooc with


      when I say mooc - what I mean is content that is availabke 24/7 and with a commons right for youth to peer to peer chat round- i dont want to be trapped in social networks that are drowning in advertisers; i want networks with smart open education (action learning) links and opportunities to develop good livelihoods ? I do not understand why america is dominated by badwill propertry-bubbled banks when millennials would far rather do well by doing good- why wouldnt you invest in milennials and the most colabitaive technolgy bthe human race has ever had the chance to abundantly enoy


      -I dont primarily want to get inti student debt ust to get a paper theoretical certificate why is the calss of 2015 not free to choose teaching that links directly to social movements and transformation back to sustainability

      - look at the triviial pursuits that are trending now- why mot one day a year when replicable end poverty solutions trend-