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    Why most millennials need to study markets for the poorest

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      Markets for the poorest involve open system designs happily freeing (in original adam smith sense and 1776's declaration of independence!) anyone who is prepared to work hard for a livelihood by serving hi-trust community exchanges


      Research all over the world now shows that at whatever age you leave the education system most people will no longer find a job waiting for them offered by a big organisation


      Youth/millennails will therefore need the same sorts of market designs that give anyone (eg the poorest) a start


      OK so there are 2 kinds of discussions-

      first, if you dont believe the above, what kind of research do you need to check it out?


      second, if you are prepared to agree with the above, '

      2.1 Can you help us make a list of greatest POP (preferential Option Poor) practitioners skill by skill so at least we have a benchmark of what and why livelihoods markets look like


      2.2 Is there anything else we can do - eg change educators (eg with the help of 5 billion person elearning satellite like Washington DC's yazmi , change professions why tey have been valuing the wrong metrics


      would love to debate these ideas over a coffee if you live in dc region or skype/email if you are elsewhere (or in tread below!)


      Helps us make a map of MD (Or DC) related links

      yazmi.com in silver spring

      partners in publishing world record book of job creation in bethesda

      women4empowernent in severn MD

      Preferential Option Poor researchers - Catholic University DC , and Rome and Chile and Notre Dame

      Partners in Health