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    The debate on Global Warming is heating up, with the brutal cold winter being felt in the Northern Hemisphere.

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      Winter weather in the northern hemisphere has been brutally cold recently, and especially over the past two years. North America i.e. Canada and the USA have experienced lengthy and brutal sub-zero temperatures. Winter storms have been battering Eastern Canada and the Northeastern States of the USA and the amount of snowfall has been unprecedented. So much so that several States have declared States of Emergencies for the triggering of disaster relief and the deployment of military forces.


      In the month of February 2015 the city of Boston has had to remove hundreds of tons of snow from its streets and neighborhoods and has had to dump many truckloads of snow into the sea because there is nowhere else available to put it. Niagara Falls has been so frozen that most of the water flow has stopped for several weeks now. Parts of Canada and Alaska have experienced real temperatures in the double digits below zero for several days in January and February 2015, which feels even colder due to the deep chills caused by continuous high winds. The city of Toronto has been shut down by snowfall for several days during this winter. The city of Chicago has closed schools for several days during this winter due to the brutally cold weather, which has reached as low as minus thirty degrees Fahrenheit -30ºF with wind chill.


      Could these severely cold weather events be the sign that the climate is changing towards being cooler not warmer? It could be argued both ways by scientists depending on their data base and research motives, but an impartial and truly scientific answer may not be forthcoming until the weather pattern has been studied over several decades. The doomsday prediction of the disastrous effects of a warmer Earth may not be experienced by this generation or the next. Indeed, we may be seeing the cyclical pattern of warming and then cooling of the Earth as some weather scientists appear to support, because the effects of man-made activities on the planet may just be too minuscule to cause long lasting climate change.