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    Mr. Sami Chowdhury introduces advanced biological fertilizer technology in Bangladesh

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      Mr. Sami Chowdhury is diligently working with Government and Private Industry in Bangladesh to facilitate the transfer of advanced biological fertilizer technology, which is desperately needed in Bangladesh and the greater South Asia region. 


      Biologically enhanced fertility is steadily increasing in agriculture and offers an effective and sustainable means to more efficiently use and reduce the input of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other harmful chemicals. In the context of increasing international concern for food and environmental quality, the use of PGPR for reducing chemical inputs in agriculture is imperative.  The technology is applied to crops and soil to enhance growth, seed emergence and crop yield, and have beneficial effect on overall soil health, nutrient uptake, organic matter, salinity management, water conservation, remediation and disease suppression.


      Please assist in his pioneering efforts to introduce more sustainable agricultural practices in Bangladesh.


      Mr. Chowdhury is currently seeking approximately $100,000 to conduct commercial technology field trials with in-country project partners, as required by Bangladesh government, Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Industry.


      Please help us to help Sami to bring his vision into reality.