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    Webinar | Solid Waste Management

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      Event Description:

      "Innovative, Results-Based Financing for Solid Waste Management"


      In this webinar, the presenter will discuss results-based financing (RBF) mechanisms in the  solid waste sector and the role of output-based incentives can play in improving services and outcomes. The presentation will draw on a recently launched report   “Results-Based Financing for Municipal Solid Waste,”  with case studies representing unique solid waste sector challenges and providing local and contextually relevant RBF project design. The report was sponsored by GPOBA and prepared by the urban unit of the World Bank Group’s Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practice.


      000332275.jpgSpeaker: Marcus Lee, Urban Economist, Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practice, World Bank

      Marcus Lee is an Urban Economist with the Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practice of the World Bank, where his work program currently spans solid waste, decentralized governance, and municipal finance, with a regional focus on East Asia. Prior to this assignment, Mr. Lee spent four years with the World Bank's Urban Anchor where he focused on the thematic areas of urban environment and sustainable cities, including cities and climate change, and solid waste management. His current interests include resultsā€based financing in the solid waste sector, and local government financing in decentralized systems. Before joining the Bank, Mr. Lee worked with the UN Environment Program in Kenya, and also with the secretariat of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment.





      Results-Based Financing for Municipal Solid Waste (PDF)




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      Results-Based Financing for Municipal Solid Waste