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    Urban Transport Photo Contest

    rodica.tomescu C4D Extraordinaire

      As our community is one of the most diverse and well-travelled communities, we thought we provide a chance to showcase some of your unique, fun, beautiful pictures. The theme is Urban Transport and you must be the photographer of the picture. The picture should be saved as: first+lastname.jpg‚ for example, ‚john.smith.jpg‚ and be accompanied by a brief caption.


      Judging: UT C4D members will have a chance to rate the submitted pictures by clicking Like of the posting/reply. The UT C4D community managers’ will then select 3 winners out of the ten shortlisted photos and will be handing out prizes for the three
      creative photos!

      The 1st photo submission will get a little something for being bold and breaking the ice!


      Deadline: Submission of one's entry by April 25,2015 (11:59PM DC time). The community voting by Like will be open until April 30, 2015 (11:59PM DC time). After that the UT C4D Team will weight its vote and announce winners within a week. Instructions: SIMPLY reply to this discussion by attaching your ONE picture and adding your caption and clicking "Reply". Good luck!