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    Now available online - Humanitarian Shelter and Settlements Training

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      @Humanitarian Shelter and Settlements Training:  Please see attached PDF

      Webinar on April 24: http://goo.gl/K6Qhke


      Access the course from the following three sites:

      This course introduces the basics of humanitarian community shelter and settlements (S&S) activities, including some history and trends related to the sector, best practices in assessments and programming strategy, basic shelter responses, the relationship between shelter and its context (settlements), and how to promote the recovery of affected settlements. The content is based on many years of experience in S&S activities, so discussions and case studies are based on real-life situations. Discussions are non-technical and geared towards how to develop strategies and options to appropriately deliver humanitarian shelter and settlements assistance. Additionally, the course provides an opportunity for participants to understand the relationship of S&S activities, disaster risk reduction, sectoral activities, and larger trends such as urbanization. This version of the course incorporates participant feedback from over 15 S&S training courses conducted in the US, Canada, Costa Rica, and Thailand.


      This course is divided into five modules. Each module will take between 45-60 minutes to complete.

      Module 1: Overview and Trends

      Module 2: Issues and Concerns

      Module 3: Shelter

      Module 4: Settlements

      Module 5: 1D and 5Rs