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    The stage of the integration process of the municipalities(in jordan):

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      Includes the integration of local councils collect neighboring municipalities and heterogeneous in one municipality has the capacity to provide services and the exploitation of resources and possibilities available optimally so that enjoys administrative and technical and financial device with a high efficiency (Ministry of Municipal and Rural and Environmental Affairs, merging municipalities Project, 1996, p. 1).

      This trend is consistent with the new global trend and the establishment of major gatherings and benefit from economies of scale, as well as the attempt to introduce new administrative methods, including total quality management in an attempt to fix the problems faced by the local councils

      ((Berman & West, 1995, p1.

      This phase began in application of Law No. 12 of 1994, as amended by the Law of Municipalities, where he was through the amendment of Article (5) of the Municipalities Act of 1955, allowing the integration of neighboring municipalities and according to specific conditions, where Article No. (5): " Subject to paragraph (5) of Article (6) of the Act, the Council of Ministers decision taken by him based on the recommendation of the Minister and the recommendation of the province to expand or narrow or modify the limits of any municipality or village councils or annexation of any municipal or village councils or localities or parts thereof adjacent, each to some, and that is a so Municipality within the meaning of the laws in force. "

      Where it was actually in 1996, the integration of (354) with the village councils (271) municipal councils first stage of the integration process, and in 1999 was the second phase of the integration of a number of municipal councils to become the number (328) municipal councils.

      The third phase of the merger came in 2001, bringing the number of councils (99) municipal councils.

      In the banner of moderation, for example, which was composed of three municipalities and five village councils, they converge in the number of members of the boards, which was nearly to (5) the members of each council, but after phases of the merger process, all has turned into one municipality represented by no more than ( 8) members of which led to the weakness of the population representation, and the map shows the number (2) the first integration phase of the municipalities of the banner of moderation, where he was to combine all of the municipality Kfrosd with Village Council Shehador and Village Council abscess to become all in the name of the municipality Kfrosd In the second phase and the third was merged all Major municipalities to become one municipality, all in the name of the municipality of moderation.

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