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      The Dominant Dualist Perceptual Paradigm (DDPP) does not accept that life is an inseparable and indivisible part and property of the cosmos. As a result it rejects also the understanding of hazards as natural dynamics of energy distribution and as such inevitable and that the interaction of hazards with the species Homo sapiens and its species survival systems causing disasters is also inevitable.


      This refusal to accept the increasingly obvious leads to contradictions within attempts to conceptualize and practice Sustainable Development as well as Disaster Risk Reduction arising from a consequent refusal to recognize the incredible nature of the growth model of development and work towards its transformation into something more credible and sustainable.


      As a first step in this direction I believe it is necessary to distinguish between “structure” and “infrastructure” as follows:

      Structure is primary and often determines the objectives, dynamics and form of infrastructure. Structure is psychological and perceptual and organizational and legal and regulatory and behavioral and therefore dynamic and functional while infrastructure is material and static.

      It is important therefore to bring about this change in the developmental discourse and especially the discourse on Disaster Risk Reduction and Sustainable Development.