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    anyone connecting with washington dc's greatest ever celebration of creative etachers/children - Elipse. Mall June 30 to July 4

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      leas relay to anyone who might be ionterested- inside the world bank i have already sent email to summit hosts of

      youth summit, young africa society, africa society, tedx end poverty , african diaspora summit, athhgo tech wixard youth summit


      20th year of converging 100 nations teachers of creative children on Mall/Elipse (outside white house) IChild Foundation imaginations for positive social change June 30 - July 4 (Gala dinner july 3 -last minute tickets icaf or me )

      Dear World Bank Summit Connectors who value millennials and sustainability goals including #2030now

      Lucy -African Diaspora summit 2 weeks ago

      Beldina Africa Society

      Victoria - Youth summit and athgo  (yana)

      Yvonne Young Africa society

      Maya tedx world bank end poverty and open learning campus

      Luis oas americas youth summits co-hosted roby youth world summit 2014 - i am unaware who is main prefenetial option summit host at lima inside world bank- i know how to find out pretty well every one else as far as rome is concerned! -see also kim a am a peruvian video and millennials fav speeches


      Lucy and friends of educators who value millennials livelihoods-

      You would know if anyone wants copy of this mail- if so please relay

      it included many of the biggest open elearning celebrations dc has ever staged going on june 30 to july 4 and ultimate debrief july 10


      it would be a huge help if you could relay to pabsy and nominated producer of good ews for millennials -and bridge to catholic diaspora which are my number 1 focus for 2nd half of sustainability 2015


      the mail below shows some of the networkers - here is action diary since your diapora summit


      1 joined Coworking IOSpaced | Home the silver spring hub for diaspora who want to connect ihubs across continent

      josted meeting involving 4 disapora i volunteer most active research for - ethiopia, kenya, s.africa, rwands particul;arly in relation to preferential option poor models invesnted out of bangladesh , boston and lima


      2 have arranged key events for interviewing world most creative teachers fropm 70 nations - 20th yera of child olympidas on mall june 30 to july with gala dinner to debrief evening july 3- lead asian delegations japan, china; lead african delegations nigeria, uganda


      3 am arranging full report of all events for ingrid muntro jamii boira orphans bank and rachel rutos team in kenya (we want to do this behing dcennes of kenya social entreprenur summit because women4empowerment had to be on the ground 365 days a yera not fly in and out)


      4 dc or silver spring 2 hour briefing from south africa fopunders of partners if free education - goals south africa empowering teenagres to crteat 1 million extra jobs by 2020

      n edu


      5 rome thinktanks on education around pope francuis have also asked for a debrief


      6 gambia has asked yazmi (owned by ethiopian american in silver spring noag samara) for a proposal on how top get missing education celebrations to 4000 classes of 25 students and 4000 teachers


      thanks chris macrae  -any direct questions on how to celebrate education millennisl need - dc mobile 240 316 8157

      // post at world bank collab space  chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk