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    From Evidence to Policy: Innovations in shaping reform in Africa

    1170468 C4D Master

      A Poverty and Social Impact Analysis (PSIA) learning event


      Cape Town, South Africa


      July 21-24, 2015


      Addressing global development issues often requires effective policy reforms. Some of these reforms are justified from a fiscal and macroeconomic perspective, but may have unintended impacts on different groups of the population, particularly the poor and most vulnerable. Reforms have costs and benefits which are usually distributed unequally across different groups of the population.

      Poverty and Social Impact Analysis (PSIA) is a versatile approach to assess the distributional and social impacts of policy reforms on different groups, with emphasis on the poor and vulnerable. This analysis offers insights into different policy options, supports the decision making process, can help mitigate potential negative impacts and identify pathways to more inclusive reforms.


      This learning event will bring together policymakers, academics, civil society representatives, and development partners to discuss innovations in the use of evidence to inform policy design in Africa. The event will feature:


      • 2-day conference (July 21-22) with keynote addresses, presentations and panel discussions, including examples of reforms in health, tax reform, agriculture, subsidy reform, social protection and utility price reform.
      • 2-day training (July 23-24) on methods and tools for PSIA with presentations, case studies and hands-on activities, and ample space for peer learning and interaction among participants.


      For more information and details on the event agenda please check the following link From Evidence to Policy - Innovations in Shaping Reforms in Africa