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    Responsible Mobile Insurance

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      Continuing the body of evidence around how to ensure that mobile insurance continues to be seen as a positive driver of financial inclusion whilst managing risks, a new paper that I co-authored with Martina Wiedmaier-Pfister for GIZ/BMZ may be of interest.  It is available at: http://star-www.giz.de/fetch/bx6du6g2600Q000bXv/giz2015-0352en-mobile-insurance.pdf


      This builds on 2 previous studies in Zimbabwe and Tanzania previously published as: Managing risk while facilitating innovation: the case of m(obile)-insurance in Tanzania and Regulating m-insurance in Zimbabwe: managing risk while facilitating innovation.  A short paper from Zambia will follow shortly. 


      As we continue to understand how to manage these risks it would be valuable to understand supervisors experience with these models.  As I shift into implementation mode with my new company, Inclusivity Solutions, I will certainly be aiming to use these lessons.