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    Presentations from PSIA South Africa event

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      Dear all,


      Presentation files from the PSIA learning event "From Evidence to Policy: Innovations in Shaping Reforms in Africa" held in Cape Town on July 21-24, 2015, are now available at the following links:


      Keynote speakers’ presentations:


      Measuring Welfare Effects of Policy Reforms – James Foster


      Unlocking the Politics of Reforms – Leonard Wantchekon


      Session 1: How PSIAs can contribute to effective policymaking


      Introduction to PSIA – Maria Beatriz Orlando


      Expenditure and Performance Reviews in South Africa – Ronette Engela


      Himachal’s Inclusive Growth Model – Shrikant Baldi


      Session 2: Innovations in methods for PSIA #1


      Vulnerability and Resilience in the Sahel – Andrew Dabalen


      Conditions of small-scale traders across the DRC-Rwanda border – Edouard Mensah


      Discrete Choice Experiment on Maternal Health in Senegal – Juliette Puret


      Session 3: Engaging stakeholders and navigating reforms


      Universal Price Subsidies in Cameroon – Carlo Del Ninno


      Enhancing Poverty-orientation and Local Governance in Sudan – Mosllem Ahmed Alamir


      Privatization of the Coffee Sector in Burundi - Marius Bucumi


      Session 4: Innovations in methods for PSIA #2


      Fiscal Policy and the Reduction of Inequality in South Africa – Ingrid Woolard


      ICT for Demand Side-Governance Using TAARIFA – Kofi Yeboah 


      Subsidies Reforms in the MNA Region – Paolo Verme


      Municipal ICT Capacity and Climate Change in Mozambique – Rehlan Gaurav