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    why not a curriculum of #2030now and more

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      if this was in 7 weeks coursera forrnat then why not presentations of mooc by POP (Preferential Option Poor) practioners around the world who believe millennials are the most creative generation and invest in their millennials goals  -its surprising how virally hot a presentation style tedx world bank celebrates and how divorced from millennial action most of these staffers seem to be -please consider letingt eg pabsy edit  content in 2030now mooc -after all she comes from culture of millennials and fans of Francis


      week 1 what does jim kim mean by taking on #2030now - how can millennial movements POP any global market's value chain that is destroying sustainability goals; who seriously is investing in millennials livelihoods geared to such collaboration movements - 5 interviews of most committed connectors inside world bank; 5 worldwide connectors Kim most trust- exercise search out a hub in you region interested in this - course will build hall of fame of take it on hubs that link in youth to future capitals that value their massive collaborations (is kenya IHUB innovation number 1 in mobilisin this net generation freedom? ) which bricks univeraities are empowering student unions to set up op clubs before pope francis sustainability goals  teachings at UN and world bank's start the year with POP summit Peru October - how can all alumni of pop linkin?


      week 2 what greatest conflicst did dahl, farner, kim experinece in POP of global health with www.pih.org - who do they link to first to list conflicts by eacH global market sector- of so its possible ti search out young professionals of health - but where are the Yp of public service or education or investment banking or way above zero-sum valuation professions

      ...diary of who's POP who

      24 sept pope francis at us congressl

      25 sept francis at un sustainability summit -

      sept 39 latino millennials demand solution entrepreneur summit in dc co-hosted by iadb and blum global poverty curriculum berkeley;

      early october start first 15 sustainability goals years of world bank in Peru with world's epicentre of POP..............................................


      week 3 if it is true that sustainability will depend on internet being smartest instead of dumbest media 7 billion people have ever built where are the best cases of development is education to be found, and what can we learn from worst cases of not valuing education as core to inter-generation investment; if 2015 is the 20th year of the exponential of mobile universal connectivity where have teachers and students kept ahead of that innovation exponential; why has west coast capitalised so many ad models and so few education models; which regions of the world have capitalised more on webs of edu than webs of ads


      week 4 rank 7 gamechanging  models of job creating universities - note which of 3 origins  prevailed - A built out of nothing, B built from partners who brought their assets to linkin alumni to a world spiritual leaders,C retiring billionnaire who wants to give back to the youth of the region he saw as home -eg of a blecher south africa, of b university around www.amma.org, of c dubai's billion dollar challenge to change educators starting jan 2016


      weeks 5 to 7 to come after friends have absorbed worls bank athgo this week and recieved our next message from Rime on how to POP