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    inviting millennials to join the satellite learning alumni club

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      a pilot test of the first 3 branches of this club is under way in:

      silicon valley


      parts of africa including kenya and ethiopia


      if you would like more details or feel able to start a local chapter (in spite of how unpopular that may make you) - i will try help you find safest person in your culture to chat to first isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com




      back in 1972 The Economist first started asking what satellite elearning networks might do for millennials -by 1984 our family and friendly global journalist s (eg baroness sarah hogg)published the book (in american it was called 2025 report but we'd happily give millennials 5 extra years to linkin 2030now)


      in 1989 berners lee launched the www


      what happened nexr is subject to noisy dispute especially among the sorts of professors (and the low-trust (extractive non-sustainable systems) segment of economists) that keynes warned youth about in last chapter of general theory


      Fast Forward to today- here is the kind of story that friends at satellite elearning hubs - china and silicon valley - have been spending most time searching this summer (supported by 100 nations creative children networking elipse 20th year DC week of independence) in advance of fall 2015 which sees such wonders as world bank premier in lima october 2015 or next weeks athgo at world bank for wizard under 35 open and mobile tech wizards


      Publishers World Record Book if Job Creators (year minus 3 - global/.local publishers deadline to celebrate James Wilson 175th birthday The Economist 2018)

      In 2015 Daphne Koller is nominated as a top 10 female jobs creator not because of what she is currently being financed to do by John Doerr but because of the forbidden question that she as a female mexican american and her co-founder of coursera a male chinese american asked.


      2012 scaling MOOC year 1

      For the first time in 23 years (thats since berners lee launched the www 1989) the question became what could millennials Massively Openly Online Collaboratively do if the www was designed as humanity's smartest knowhow-action media ever designed not an appendix to tv advertsising age?


      YEAR3+ It is fascinating to track what koller and ng continue to do with millennials borderless freedom of speech. But given 2015 is according to the UN the greatest gamechanging year in its future history - and sustainability goals of youth everywhere- who do you think has been most empowered to pick up daphne's question and what have they mashed up in a different way leveraging what relationshjip permissions meta-hubbed around them?


      let's take the practice case of the world bank's jim kim's experiment with daphnes question -what if kim hosted a tedx of end poverty every few months but instead of the 16 minute leadership performance being the peak celebration it was just the start of a new weeks module of open elearning and action movements that millions of change the world millennials progressively  linked in around and befriended


      so week 1 and 2 concepts might be:


      week 1 what if millennials were invited in a tedx to take back bono's movement of relevance of pop stars to ending poverty


      week2 -- what if an ethiopian american invited africans to take back mobilisation of commodity markets so that pricing and market freedom maximised food security


      64 trillion dollar curious question:  for those who see jim kim as 2015's number 1 millennials job creator the fascinating question is if he allowed himself one first week in tedx format what would he choose?


      --would kim with friends farmer and dahl invite millennials to take back public health services


      --- would he kim faith leaders who understand how pope francis is empowering latin ameriican millennials to take back faith as truly serving the poorest to reunite this golden rule across cultures, joy of faith sans frontieres so to speak


      --or would he move something else?


      week 3 would he ask what happens if a refugee (eg a north korean in usa) is freed by access to the best for her or him education the world has to offer and is determined to give back to public service and to be that social network in every real and virtual mode


      week 1 video -   week 1 preparation collab space at world bank  Webcast 2nd video from bottom Believe in Yourself | D'Banj


      week 2 video  - week 2 preparation collab space at world bank 5th tedx video from top Building a Big, Bold, Beautiful Market | Eleni Gabre-Madhin


      week 3 video - week 3 preparation collab space at world bank bottom video Will the Poor Always Be With Us? | Jim Yong Kim


      transparency crisis- when you change badwill media to goodwill media -we know from 65 years of experiments at The Economist that timing is everything financially and socially- we dont know where to openhub- branch 4 of satellite learning alumni network -if you want to know why we chose silicon valley, china, ethiopia-kenya its mainly where young people turned up and started hubbing related questions with some very specifib social actions they knew how to locally play out

      place diaries millennials might find timely -please tell us more

      DC next week world bank athgo

      last week of september DC - IADB and berkeley blum global poverty curriculum host demand solutions summit week after pope francis master class at us congress and at un sustainability millennials summit

      PERU- first ten days october - world bank opens class of 2015-2016 in lima peru