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    How tough can it get dealing with failure when sustaining the organisation is at stake?

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      OUR LEARNING: Failures motivates us to “Strive until Sustain”!! Success stimulates to better our cause “Supporting Dignity”

      Success for our team had been a positive reinforcement to carry on with the work and find means to make it better, failures on the other hand has been a serious learning phase for all our employees. Our team ensures that the message is conveyed and a discussion is put forth is our weekly meetings to analyze and realize the failure on a serious note.

      Honestly facing failures have led to my struggle for excellence. The past and the present working scenario has changed a lot. Giving priority to good work is not the only requirement of the hour when working strategies and policies are being observed and measured by your competitors, in this era of socialization. Also when you constantly get appraisals due to your work which is circled constantly on the social media, your competitors are fueled up to stop your climb. This is more relevant when the team is led by a women. With the orthodox patriarchal society where tribes are usually considered as a depressed class, being a women leader of the tribal origin is a great risk. Also our team deals with a serious issue of anti –human trafficking.

      We have been successful in securing many innocent victims who are all poverty stricken from the hands of the dangerous chain of ‘dalals’ by the collaborative efforts of the government and the team. A rehabilitation center named “Ashray Vihar” is also setup where capacity building, skill enhancement etc. is looked after, as we strictly practice the convergence model including the (3P’s and 3R’s).

      All being good our team was happy with our honest measures and successful combats. Until these success stories became a reason for conspiracy and I had to pay for the single loophole in our system. I was met by a severe accident that was pre-planned. But to the conspirator’s bad-luck I did not succumb to the accident. But the consequences numbed me and my team. It took me 2 years to recover- face court sessions, police, and harassment from the conspirators etc.  We succeeded after a long struggle as good succeeds in the eyes of the Almighty.

      Although nothing came fruitful in the hands of the rival team, as all their charges were proved null and void by the court. Yet they succeeded in impeding our speed. We are surviving with only one

      project but we survived with a team that was strong than before. We became small but our strength and spirit to fight doubled. This failure has motivated us to change the entire working dynamics whereby having a strong legal cell is at the priority list.

      But fund mobilization poses a problem. Employees came and went after learning work as we could not provide them with attractive salary packages. They were either hired by other NGO’s or our competing NGO’s. Teaching them the work and providing them with time and knowledge became the company’s failure and the opportunist employer’s success who left the organization soon after gaining skills. Our team was fed up with this attitude of the employers. So our recruiting team became careful in surveying the profile of the candidate. After which we have built is a good team. But my training strategies have changed for the better, it was our failure in this case that led to a modification in the planning structure. The candidates we recruit are highly qualified in their academics so they are left to face the consequences in writing proposals and engage themselves in other enticing work opportunities. Their working interest and their sustainability in the organization is studied without any feedback. As soon as the candidate is realized really interested in this area and wants to contribute to our ways to work following our motto “serve until sustain” they are addressed by me and their skill is enhanced by giving them the latest guidelines to write, document and other details.  This makes the learning even faster as, because the employee had previously attempted to work on the topic herself/himself he has his/her understanding on the field , so the only work that we are left with is make them realize their drawbacks. Thus this method saves our time, allowing us to stay focused in our other important work.

      We are building up a strong women force, who aspire to serve the nation and so in this condition the present mechanism is the best learning for us as those who really want to work with this motive survive and that too for a long-term. Women in this organization are the ones who really want to work for the society. Our organizations’ ambiance and facility is the best that tends to be the major reason for their long-term partnership in the work. We work for the distressed women, for their betterment.

      Our goals were always clear but with a change in policy and planning we have formed a small but strong team ready to make it big. The changes in this planning system is only because we met with a failure, now success will call for a better learning towards betterment. So both success and failure needs to be assessed equally by the organization to climb the ladder of success and to contribute the happiness of unfortunate people of our land. Working efficiency and sustainability of any small organization is marred by the lack to proper fund mobilization hence we lose good employees who prefer the organizations with attractive salary.  This again can be managed as our work defines us a social worker, recognizing a true social worker becomes a challenge. Also e-promotion of the successes becomes an issue as the rivals are triggered to hinder the growth, therefore we don’t promote anything at the inception stage of any project but after its successful completion.

      A difference is seen clearly when your initiatives do not receive much likes and comments in the social forum from the other organizations. A simple formula is followed by the organizations- being visible in the eyes of big organization can open their roads to a good opportunity but encouraging the small may increase the latter’s visibility to the big. In short the crab effect is observed at its heights and this visibility game and fight for funds does require us to open our eyes and ears and learn with every failures and strive more with every success.

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          Dear Anima Baa thank you for sharing this powerful narrative.  Your rich insights are extremely helpful.  You remind me that it is not easy being a non-profit founder.  Nonprofits often collaborate, but just as often compete for resources.  On the walls of my church are photos from the 1960s from the Civil Rights movement in the United States.  Freedom riders/marchers were trained and travelled to the American "South". They were often harassed, attacked, sometimes jailed and even occasionally were murdered for their cause. Many of these social and societal injustices were later addressed by the American Congress or President or the U.S. Supreme Court. My church fought for Civil Rights locally.  It is part of our church story. Change happened, it took a long time, but the individual and organizational push for social justice made a huge shift in American culture. Thank you for your courage, your resilience, and for sharing these hard lessons learned from both success and failure. My thanks to you and otherSocial Enterprise Innovations members for your vision, work and leadership addressing tough challenges. Like the beating wings of a butterfly, your work makes a difference locally and globally.