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    The Light House of Hill : How the Government and people of Developing and under developed countries can play vital role for development of educational institution and places of remote areas ?

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      There are many educational institutions in many remote areas in developing and under developed countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America which are now almost broken! Poor economic conditions, socio-political problems, racial antagonism, unfriendly strategy for remote area etc., are the main obstacles of doing development works in those countries. It is very difficult for those countries to develop every area and every school at a time. Also, there are lacks of motivation of people participatory developments. People of those areas don’t know how to use the own, social and natural assets. But we see that, there are many rich people have established many educational institutions unnecessarily in their locality for getting and enjoying so-called fame, although there are already one or more institutions and no needs for extra institutions in their localities!

      So what the Government and local people can do now?

      Please read my writing about this matter and join with this topic. If we try, together we can build a beautiful and developed world for all.