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    PSIA of the Month (September 2015)

    1170468 C4D Master

      Adapting to Higher Energy Costs - public perspectives and responses to rising energy costs in Europe and Central Asia

      Implementing energy subsidy reforms is among the policy priorities for many states in Europe and Central Asia (ECA). These reforms are necessary in order to make energy services financially viable, more efficient and better able to meet international standards, and domestic demand. As these reforms require increasing tariffs - for electricity, gas, district heating – they also have wide social implications, and are often met with strong public opposition. Inability to afford energy for basic needs, such as heating, cooking, lighting, can affect not only poverty levels, but also many aspects of well-being such as health, nutrition, education, and social isolation. A set of PSIA-funded studies between 2012-2014 explored citizens’ experiences and attitudes to subsidy reforms across eight ECA states. The studies contributed to policy recommendation both on mitigating negative impacts of reform, but also on enhancing accountability and public trust in the reform process. Download the full report at this link.