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    PSIA of the Month (October 2015)

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      Jordan: Soft skills or hard cash?


      The Jordan New work Opportunities for Women (Jordan NOW) pilot was supported by the AGI (Adolescent Girls Initiative) and was a randomized control trial with the objective of increasing female labor force participation. It tested the efficacy of two interventions: employability skills training for young female graduates and a short-term incentive to employers through a voucher (a wage subsidy equal to the minimum wage) to hire these young graduates. It was supplemented by a PSIA grant to examine the social and distributional impacts of Jordan’s employment policy on labor market outcomes for young men and women; specifically, the effect of labor law regulations-the minimum wage law and the probation period of 3 months allowed under Jordanian labor law. The PSIA supported data and analysis, and it was extremely useful in interpreting the findings of the pilot. It pointed to the presence of significant regulatory constraints inhibiting the formalization of employment for Jordanian youth. View the full report.