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    Baseline Study of the Social Enterprise Ecosystem in India

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      Hello Everyone,

                I believe a lot of us could contribute to this study.

      This study is being conducted by Ennovent on the social enterprise ecosystem in India. It is being done in collaboration with the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs and is part of a global effort supported by the British Council in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Ghana.

      Note on the Baseline Survey of Social Enterprise program

      As a part of the Global Social Enterprise Programme, The British Council in India has commissioned a baseline survey of social enterprises in the country, which is being conducted by Ennovent in collaboration with ANDE.


      The aim of the baseline study is to provide a summary of the current size and scale of the social enterprise sector in India. The survey will also contribute to improvement of the social enterprise ecosystem, by obtaining currently unavailable numbers on various indicators giving stakeholders a clear picture of the existing scenario and helping them identify areas in which their intervention is most needed.


      As a unique baseline survey on Social Enterprise Landscape, this study will benefit the entire ecosystem by creating a comprehensive database of all Ecosystem actors to be published t the end of the study as a common good. The insights from the study will help enablers and the stakeholders in taking suitable action for expediting impact.


      Through this baseline survey, we are collecting data on the following parameters:

      • Total value of the social enterprise sector
      • Total number of social enterprises in India
      • Breakdown of social enterprise by sector/focus
      • Average annual turnover for social enterprises
      • Average number of employees
      • Total number of social enterprises that have increased the number of beneficiaries reached over the last year
      • Total number of new employees of social enterprises in the last year
      • Proportion of social enterprise employees who are women
      • Total number of youth led (under 35) social enterprises
      • Total number of women led social enterprises
      • Number of Higher Education Institutions delivering social enterprise related course

      Brief -  http://www.odi.org/projects/2814-surveys-social-enterprise-activity-bangladesh-ghana-india-pakistan

      Survey Link - https://ennovent.typeform.com/to/RMJElC

      If you have any questions, you can get in touch with:

      Devyani Singh | Associate

      Ennovent - innovations for sustainability

      Phone: +91 98 4459 9001 |Skype: devyanisingh93