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    PSIA Members' Satisfaction Survey results

    1170468 C4D Master

      Dear all,


      On October 27th, to celebrate the first anniversary of the PSIA CoP, we launched a survey and asked members to provide feedback and comments on our knowledge and learning activities. Three members were selected through a raffle and were awarded with 20$ coffee cards from Starbucks.


      I am happy to share with you the names of the three successful members:

      Sarah G. Michael

      Sabine Beddies

      Steven Farji Weiss


      Once again, thank you to all the members who completed our survey. We really value your inputs! Based on the survey outcomes we will be able to improve our activities and make a few enhancements. I am sharing some of the key results below.


      Just a reminder that you can provide feedback, questions, or suggestions at any time by posting your question here, on our Spark platform or by emailing me at spalummo@worldbankgroup.org


      Have a great week!