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    Interested in prosperity, equality and sustainability? Submit proposals for global conference by Jan 31

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      In 2015, the international community adopted a set of 17 ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, ensure prosperity and equality for all, and tackle climate change by 2030. With rising inequalities, there is a need for immediate global action, “a plan equal to the challenge”, as World Bank Group President Kim once stated. This call for action requires focus on global and national policies that consider the needs of the most vulnerable and excluded populations. In this context, the World Bank, in partnership with the Institute for Human Development (IHD) will host a two-day Global Conference in New Delhi to address the core issues of promoting shared prosperity and social inclusion through the right mix of strategies and policies. The Global Conference on Prosperity, Equality, and Sustainability: Perspectives and Policies for a Better World will take place in New Delhi, India on April 25-27 2016.


      Papers and panel proposals should be submitted online by January 31st at http://www.ihdindia.org/pesconference/

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          Thank you Simona for sharing. From the African perspectives - We had eight MDGs which we could not achieve by 2015, and now  seventeen SDGs. Looking at promoting shared prosperity & Social inclusion through the right mix of strategies and policies, we must first of all admit and face the reality that there are five continents in the world with diverse cultures, traditions,ethics,priorities, needs, strategies, and policies contingent on the prevailing issues relating to prosperity, equality and sustainability.  Even within the continents there are regional differences e.g. Africa, and particularly West Africa, where I am coming from. In terms of strategies and policies for a better world, I would have preferred we have strategies and policies that will promote shared prosperity and inclusion at the continent level before going to the world level. I also think some of these conferences should take place at continent level, where we will bring out all the strings that would tie up the world. 

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              Dear Christiana,


              Many thanks for sharing your perspective. The SDGs are indeed very ambitious, and will certainly require more commitment and a huge amount of work. Agree on the fact each region, in my opinion each country, is different, and requires policies and strategies which target local issues in the most appropriate way. We actually hosted other PSIA events in the past in other regions, for example the PSIA Learning event in South Africa explored innovations in the use of evidence to inform policy design in Africa; another PSIA conference in Poland reflected challenges and lessons learned from PSIA work in Europe and Central Asia.

              This global conference in India will emphasize again the relevance of evidence-based policy making, particularly in fulfilling the SDGs, on an international level, but will also focus on local examples (from South and East Asia) which had a successful outcome, and could be used as a reference moving forward in the SDG agenda.


              Going to the world level is very ambitious, I agree, but even if each continent, region, is facing different development issues and challenges, we still need a global commitment and support in order to solve the main challenges. It's time to take on these issues, especially if we failed the MDGs, a great step for example was the final agreement at COP 21, which was never reached before, that's a good start.


              Thanks again for sharing your opinion!