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    PSIA of the Month (January 2016)

    1170468 C4D Master

      Poverty and Social Impact Analysis of Tanzania's Charcoal Sector


      With about 95 percent of all households in urban areas relying on charcoal to meet energy needs, charcoal is one of the most important energy sources in Tanzania. This PSIA, conducted back in 2010 with an established methodology (NetMap), includes a unique analysis of the political economy of the charcoal sector in Tanzania at the time. It documents social, political, and economic explanations that existed as anecdotal evidence only, and explains why a reform dialogue needs to be sensitive. While the analysis focuses on Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, it shows that findings apply to other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa facing similar challenges. It provides a comprehensive example for approaching charcoal sector reforms, requiring identification of the problems and an open dialogue within and among stakeholders, new policies and a subsequent strategic decision clearly stating overarching goals and specific objectives. Download the full report at this link.


      Even though this PSIA was conducted 2010, and the Tanzanian reality has rapidly evolved over the past five years, we believe the methodologies, the approach, and the lessons learned from the implementation of the study are very relevant for PSIA practitioners.